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I am completely in love with your products.

Dear Tonya,

I just wanted to take this opportunity and say a big heartfelt thank you for everything you do. I am so glad people like you are in the world, helping us to achieve our potential and highest beauty vibration. I have bought several of your devices from you directly in US (I buy your creams etc directly here in the UK) and they ship so quickly its amazing. I got my RejuvaCup in about 4 days here to UK, I couldn't believe how quick it was!

I have your rolling bed of pins which I got a couple of years ago which I use twice a day without fail and my already long hair just grows and grows, I use it all over my body and I wouldn't be without it.

I bought your tiny RejuvaPad for around the eyes a few months ago and my god it really does work at diminishing any fine lines etc. I'm lucky I don't have bags and at 46 I have very few fine lines, but it has even helped these and the general look of my under eye area. I've been using your RejuvaPad now for a few weeks and yes as you say in your info have had a few spots but nothing to deter me from using this amazing skin implement. It's truly incredible how much it tones and lifts and gives the skin a dewy glow.

I am completely in love with your products. You are always coming out with something else amazing that blows my mind. So I just wanted to say how much I am grateful for you and the work you do, thanks to you and your products I am looking better and better as I get older. I am not a raw foodist (although I religiously eat a green smoothie and green juice everyday and a lot of raw food) but despite not being fully raw I have seen such a difference in my skin from your products and devices.

Big big hugs and so much gratitude to you and your amazing work.

Tahni (October, 2016)