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How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

What causes bags under the eyes.

What is an eye bag? It’s a crude name for the puffiness or swelling that often appears under the eyes. Number one cause for eye bags is fluid accumulation below the eyes. Another cause is aging. At some point they happen to practically everyone, especially as we get older. With age, muscles and ligaments around the eye begin to weaken. Fat that normally is tucked in and supported by these tissues now gets pushed out, causing it to protrude through the skin. Gravity makes it even worse. It weighs down the fat and makes it fall forward. With nothing to support this fat except the skin, the lower lids develop the unattractive puffy look of two hanging bags under the eyes. Some faces are more predisposed to eye bags than others. Some will have eye bags even at a young age. The very structure of the under-eye area makes fat protrude.

How to reduce the appearance of the bags under your eyes.

There are numerous invasive treatment options to reduce or remove eye bags - laser resurfacing, chemical peels and fillers, and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) just to name a few. However, there is the possibility of experiencing the side-effects that sometimes go along with these types of therapies. Swelling, bruising or pain are common, as are dry or watery eyes. You could suffer from temporarily blurred vision. In rare instances, complications such as infection, bleeding or even partial loss of vision can occur! Why take such a risk with something as important as your eyesight when there are more natural solutions?

Lots of quick-fixes are offered – I’m sure you’ve seen at least one or two. “Instant eye bag remover” flies off store shelves. Most of these fixes do work—but only temporarily. Why? These creams form a thin film which, after drying, gets smaller. By shrinking slightly, the film is holding and tucking in the eye bags.

Here’s the problem… You must remain stone-faced. No smiling! If you do, you’ll show more wrinkles than before. Why? Now your under-eye skin is covered with less surface of the film, which shrank as it dried. Every time you change your facial expression, you’ll create more wrinkles.

My website is dedicated to non-invasive approaches to health and beauty, so I’ll concentrate on non-surgical, natural methods. The best way to address the puffiness under the eyes is by switching to the raw food diet. Read my book Your Right to Be Beautiful. Make sure you also read these articles carefully:

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Benefits of Beets: Eye Bag Remedy

Once you understand how eye bags are formed, it will be easier to come up with ways to address them. Besides the diet upgrade, there are two main approaches…

First, you can apply components to increase the density and thickness of fibers in the under-eye area. There are three scientifically documented, patented ingredients from France: Matrixyl® (for wrinkles), Haloxyl® (for dark circles), and Eyeliss® (for puffy eyes). I added all of them to my new Revived Eye Serum. Expect no miracles, to be sure. But these components are the best breakthroughs science can offer. About 70% of volunteers showed visible results. I think I know why some didn’t—read this article carefully: What is The Best way to Sleep.

Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye Liners

Visibly Smooth out existing wrinkles and creases

Second, we need to find a way to push the bags in. Here’s what I do to improve my results. Every morning I apply my eye serum. Then I reapply the WrinkAlign Under-eye patches, I used the night before. They are not as moist as when first used, but with the RevEYEved Eye Serum added they work very well the second—or even the third—time. The under-eye area gets treated with active ingredients, and at the same time, the bags get tucked. It comes down to this: The longer the fat stays in and the stronger the surrounding tissues remain, the better.

Upon awakening each morning, every adult has some degree of eye bags. It’s so common that it’s considered normal. When we are young, they disappear within an hour or so. But as we get older, it’s harder to make them stay away during the day.

RevEYEved Eye Serum

helps to smooth fine lines, reduce the look of puffiness under the eye area.

My Morning Skincare Routine

So this is how my absolutely minimal morning skincare routine looks these days:

I begin with applying my morning clay mask. Then I put my RejuvaCup to good use on my face, including the under-eye area, for at least 1 or 2 minutes. This practive brings fresh blood to the whole face and to the under-eye area in particular. Then I apply the  RevEYEved Eye Serum and place my Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye Patches on, the same ones I used the night before. I keep them on from a half-hour to an hour while I’m doing my morning chores.  By the time I’m ready to go out… no eye bags! Yes, I know it may seem like a lot of work, but remember I am a woman in my 60s who wants to look like I’m in my 30s. With a little effort and a small sacrifice of time, I can - and so can you!

WrinkAlign Hydrogel Facial Liner

for a wrinkle-free forehead