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Raw Foods: Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Ten years ago, I met this wonderful lady who ate all raw foods. At the time I was new to the idea of eating only raw foods. I didn’t think anyone else in the world ate this way. I was amazed at how young she looked. She had beautiful long hair and not a wrinkle on her. At the time I believed it was genetics. I was very jealous.

I would continually ask her to teach me how to eat this way, but she could never give me a direct answer. Might I add that she was twice my age at the time. I was 26 years old. I wanted to learn how to grow my own sprouts and how to be satisfied on eating only raw foods. I had no clue where to go or who to ask so I thought... "vegetarian".

I began running and eating no meat. However, I still satisfied my love for chocolate and breads. I did trim down a bit and began to feel better about my body, myself, and my insides (stomach) didn’t hurt as much. I lived this way for over a year. I even had my first son with this healthy mind set. I felt and looked great.
Unfortunately, my husband, son, and I moved and times were tough. We were given free pork to eat and fresh fruit and vegetables were not as easy to come by. I stopped running due to my second pregnancy and my eating habits declined drastically. Six years later, now with three boys, we moved again. We had a fourth addition to the family, yes another boy. They alone kept me running and kept my weight at a bearable level, but I did not feel the greatest.

It wasn’t until last fall when I received a terrible and frightening phone call from my mom. She had stage 4 colon cancer. My grandfather, his cousin, my mom’s cousin and my great grandfather all died from this same cancer. So this nasty illness is hereditary. The doctor gave my mom three months.

That was around the time I saw this clip in a newsletter about an all raw diet. A speaker was going to be in Canton, South Dakota, to speak to those interested about going all raw. Unfortunately, I could not afford to go but I did buy her book instead. By the way, thank you, Tonya! The book I bought was “Beautiful on Raw”. Tonya Zavasta was speaking in both Canton and Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the time. So I read the book and went all raw. Now I knew how to do it. I lost fifteen pounds. I looked and felt great. People would look at me and say, “Wow, I wish I had pretty skin like you”.

Well, I just had to share this news with my mom. She did not go 100% but she did eat lots of raw foods. It has been six months since she began her chemo treatments and is now in REMISSION! The doctor was so amazed that all he did was give her a hug. What else could he do?

Tami Davis (May, 2008)