Impressed with your Writing

Several years ago my health failed and as I searched the Internet for help. I blundered upon the Raw family and fell in love with the Boutenko’s. I was devastated when the family went in different directions. As a matter of fact I first heard of you through Victoria Boutenko and have read most of your books. I have also searched for info from Hallelujah Acres and read Hippocrates Health Institute magazine for years…

I am interested in learning all that I can and I love your comparisons.  I always wonder where you are going when you start sharing your side and comparing it with other opinions and I am never disappointed. Your honesty, your wit and your command of the English language leave me speechless. I was born and raised here, I am 70+ years old and I have trouble expressing myself. You are amazing. You are a perfect role model for raw eating. I have read Quantum Eating and agree with you concerning beauty and nutrition. Your skin is beautiful, your tummy is flat and your waist is small. Hmmm I have a long way to go and a short time to get there but I am working on it. I feel that raw is the way to go but being old, living in a remote area and on a low income I have been unable to do so. My situation is very similar to those you describe in Russia trying to eat raw. I just don’t have access to enough fresh produce and forget the organic stuff. I go to Sam’s once a month and stock up on carrots, celery and salad greens. A few bananas and if the other fruit is decent I get a little of it but before the month is over… well, I do the best I can with what I have. BTW I love your hair and skincare products. I enjoyed using the “old” cream and I also enjoy the “new” cream. I have rosacea and I have read Sea Buckthorn oil is good for it sooo I am hoping for a miracle. Depending on you to keep me informed…Keep up the good work.