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Waterful Raw Food Diet

The food we eat on the raw food diet has been appropriately called by many different names: living food, sunfood, plant-based nutrition, raw vegan, and similar terms. Recently, one reader commented on how much she enjoyed the 'waterful' raw diet. What a delightful and refreshing image it brings to mind! It makes it an excellent synonym for "whole." Find a definition for whole food. It should state that the water is intact.

What are Waterful Foods?

Some raw foods are not what we would necessarily consider 'waterful', such as dried fruit and dehydrated dishes. This does not make them in any way less valuable in the early months or years of a transitional diet, but the real benefit from eating raw foods comes from the majority, and eventually all of your intake, being comprised of waterful raw foods. While in my transitional period I was fond of water fasting, at this point the waterful raw food diet is what works ideally for me.

 What About Dehydrated Foods?

Dehydrated foods and dense, heavy meals loaded with salt and spices can be somewhat dehydrating and constipating to the body, but the fruits and vegetables that contain plenty of biologically active water are cleansing and hydrating and lend their moisture-rich, beautifying qualities to your entire being.

No matter what level of raw food transition you are at during this time in your life, whether beginner of all beginners or experienced and eating at a very advanced level, a waterful raw food diet should be your aim, especially if you are in the detox stages. This is how you accomplish the supremely important task of hydration for your body.

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Benefits of Waterful Foods

Consider the benefits of consuming foods that already contain high amounts of water, as opposed to those that will have to steal water from your body to be processed and eliminated:

  • Hydration is easily accomplished and is the number one way to have glowing, radiant and young skin. In my first book Your Right to Be Beautiful you can read all about why I am such a proponent of daily juicing. It is superior in almost every way! Skin is nourished and hydrated from the inside out, and this is one of the secrets to getting that summer glow and fighting the effects of aging.
  • You stay cooler in the summertime, especially when consuming fruits such as cucumbers, melons, and lemons, which are waterful foods that have cooling properties.
  • You don't need to worry about getting those 8 glasses of water a day because your food will take care of it for you. By consuming only waterful foods and juices, I eventually found no need for drinking free water at all, which is an advanced practice that I discuss in Quantum Eating.
  • Digestion and elimination are greatly improved when your food contains plenty of enzyme rich water to help move things along, and we all know how vitally important this is for efficient digestion, absorption, and elimination. The state of your entire intestinal tract is literally revealed in your outer appearance, and the healthier and cleaner this entire digestive system is, the more youthful and radiant you look. Also, the energy that is freed up from the body not having to deal with heavy, dry foods will benefit you in more ways than you can count.

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Nuts and Seeds?

A meal of nutburgers and flax crackers with some raw trail mix for dessert is an example of a waterless meal. Nothing wrong with having such dishes occasionally, but real health and anti-aging benefits come from high water content in your food. Not added free water, but biologically active water that is present in whole raw fruits and vegetables. I believe even nuts soaked overnight will qualify for the waterful diet.

How to Get Started?

If you are not quite ready to completely move beyond the realm of dry or dense foods, then be sure to at least minimize your consumption of them in proportion to waterful foods, especially during hot weather. Avoiding excess salt will go hand in hand with this plan, as added salt causes the body to retain fluids in the tissues and can disrupt the delicate balance of cellular fluids.

As we move toward the hottest part of the summer, eating and drinking plenty of beautiful, cooling waterful foods will prove to be a win-win situation for you. Your body will thank you, and you will thank yourself when you look in the mirror.