QE Worth Every Penny

I just purchased Quantum Eating earlier today and I want to say, it is worth every penny. I think it is one of the most intelligent  and thoughtful analyses of health I have read in many years. Like Tonya, I am not found of visiting doctors for check-ups and haven’t been to a physician in two decades. I have maintained a vegetarian/vegan diet for years but have suffered from emotional overeating and lack of energy and a rollercoaster of gaining weight (20-25 pounds) and dieting. I have now been 100% raw for 12 days and feel better than I have in a long time; no cravings and better sleep and energy. I am going to continue to put into practice more concepts of Quantum Eating and include CR and no food after 2 pm which I started today.
Thanks, Tonya, for an excellent book, one which I am sure will benefit my health and daily life.