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Radiant and Ravishing!

Wow Tonya you look radiant and ravishing! Love the way you style our hair and the tropical dress you're wearing! I try to adopt all beauty tips you shared, including masquing, dry brushing, facial exercise, moisturizing, wiping ice cube over my face, coconut water hair treatment ..... But what I've found to be most effective in healing/preventing skin issues is a raw food diet and daily intermittent dry fasting from the afternoon [Quantum Eating]. I don't always stick to that, but when I do, I have no acne and my eczema heals. (FYI, since becoming 90% raw since nearly a year ago my acne has healed 98%. What's left is the contact dermatitis I have on the back of my fingers, which seems to get worse if I touch raw food without gloves. But I have since tackled this by wearing gloves most of the time, washing my hands less, and applying moisturizer to my hands.) I will be 32 in September and to have come into contact with your work is a tremendous blessing that I have no clue how I earned. You are a goddess who inspires me. I wish to look as beautiful as you do today.

S.B. (August, 2014)