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Raw Food Diet and Recipes

Dear Tonya! I have just finished reading your latest article on salt intake. So true! I wish more people would read it and get the message!

I used to be excited about eating raw pesto-getti, raw name it. But it didn't last long, a few months.... Now I prefer my simple salad with a lemon squeeze and instead of raw cheesecake with berry topping I'll just reach for the fresh berries. I "crave" sunflower sprouts, juicy pear, my green smoothie...

It is amazing how raw food diet transforms your way of thinking, being and very existing! It is not so exciting for me anymore to go out to raw restaurants or other raw food gatherings for the same reasons you outlined. But the important thing is I like the way I feel inside and out. I like the lightness in my stomach and my head. Raw food diet made me more compassionate, grateful, kind and honest with myself.

I don't buy any raw cookbooks, too complicated and time consuming preparation. Some recipes has a couple of pages of ingredients with several pages of cooking methods! Also I am so against dehydrators. I don't own one because I want to stay hydrated! The simpler I eat, the better I feel! My 2-year-old daughter likes to eat plain sunflower sprouts, it is so fun for her!

I want to thank you for the miracle cream and mask you created! My skin is noticeably becoming more even, firm and glowing. Thank you.

N (March, 2009)