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The face brush - this is a miracle tool!

Hello Tonya, Thank you so much for sending my first order so quickly. I read your book Your Right to Be Beautiful - really loved every page. I am so grateful you wrote the book and shared all that invaluable information with all of us. I admire your strength and dedication to your goal, you are my inspiration. I learned a lot from you. ...The face brush - this is a miracle tool, first when I started brushing (I barely touched my skin), I thought I would be impossible, it was so intense. Within 10 days I became very comfortable and now love the sensation and dry brush my face twice a day. Now it's been 55 days since I started dry brushing my face with your brush, and my skin is smoother and some fine lines are less noticeable. I will continue my regiment of dry brushing twice daily and I am sure with time the results will be even more apparent...

Tanya (July, 2016)