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Violet Ray - Professional Edition

203 High Frequency

The personal Violet Ray (Hand Held Unit) must be turned off after 20 minutes and allowed to cool down or it could burn out. This professional unit (pictured on the left) can stay on for up to an hour at a time making it ideal for those operating a cosmetology studio or spa or those that have a large household with several members who wish to use the Violet Ray on a regular basis. If you only plan to use the Violet Ray by yourself or with one other family member, the personal Violet Ray will suffice.

The High Frequency Unit generates a warm thermal current that aids in sterilization. It includes a preassembled handle and 4 different neon (soft orange/red) or argon (violet) glass electrodes. When the glass electrode contains neon gas, it will light up an orange-red color. Many aestheticians believe that the orange-red light from the electrodes is infrared, producing more heat and deeper penetration. Actually, the violet and orange-red rays produce approximately the same benefits. Psychologically, the warmer color may benefit the client.

Your Violet Ray will be delivered directly from the manufacturer. Only available for purchase.

At this time it comes with 4 electrodes: Mushroom, Pointer, Straight and Rake.

The box version of the violet light is better because the color of the light is actually violet. (not a pale lilac like the hand held unit). The box unit makes a constant loud laser sound unlike the hand held which makes a low intermittent sound. Our skin looks like smooth satin with the box unit.

- Susan

Specifications: 120 volts, 144 watts and 0.2 amps. Three year warranty if used in the United States. If you are looking for a Violet Ray that will work in Europe or elsewhere that uses 220 voltage, consider our personal Violet Ray instead.

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