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You are a living proof of what you teach in your books

Dear Tonya, There is quite a bit of hipe about longevity and anti aging in the raw food community. I looked a bit at one short interview. I don't understand, haven't people read your book 'Quantum Eating'? ... I mean you are a living proof of what you teach in your books. I live in Sweden and don't know much of what goes on in the US, even though if I was on some sites/ chat sites I probably would know more than I do now, but this was my personal feeling. I know your teaching works because now at 34 and a half I started regorously folowing the face care regim you talk about and is yielding wonderful results. I am also trying to not eat after 4 pm but at times is hard as I nurse and also I haven't yet been able to set up a regular eating schedule due to al the things that come between. I had a sugestion. I get your newsletters and I thought how wonderful and helpful would be if Nick would write his testimony, now that he is 100% raw. He could talk about how he felt when you were raw and he wasn't, what he thought about you and your diet, and how he feels these days. I think this could be a help to read to many husbands out there that cling so tightly to their meat, cheese, potatoes, etc. Thank you Tonya for your attention!

Many blessings, -I. (April, 2009)