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The Best Facial You've Never Heard Of!

Published: (September, 2016)

The Best Facial You've Never Heard Of!

Is Your Facial the Best it Can Be?

Once upon a time a massage session ended with the therapist smearing honey on my back and slapping it lightly with her hands, giving me the "sticky hands" treatment. Wow! A somewhat stinging sensation. Still, the treatment left me with a remarkably refreshing feeling.

But the best part was when the therapist showed me her hands afterward. They were covered with small white flakes. I couldn't believe it: These, she told me, were my DEAD cells!

That "sticky hands" massage gave me a deep detox treatment and a terrific exfoliation, all in one. It's very impressive when you can actually see how many dead cells have just left your skin.

Then the idea came to me: What if I could use this "sticky hands" technique on my face?

The moment I got home, I applied a teaspoon of natural raw honey on my clean face. And I started slapping it gently with the palms of my hands in a wavy fashion. I decided to call it the "Honey Hands" facial.


It felt good. Then it dawned on me: Using any traditional facial massage technique, you are compressing your skin tissues. By contrast, during the "Honey Hands" facial, you're decompressing them.

Because of the glue-like property of the honey, you're actually slightly lifting your skin. You're separating, you're stratifying skin layers. You're helping to bring fresh blood and oxygen to places where there was stagnation before.

Honey's healing properties combined with a decompressing touch will pump toxins out of your body. This "Honey Hands" technique helps remove dead cells and other skin impurities, revealing rejuvenated flesh underneath. All that was sick and unhealthy will come rushing to the surface and become purged from your skin.

Now I want to show you how to do it... Watch this video.

The Power of Skin Decompression

There are two more decompression techniques you can use to greatly improve your facial skin and hair. Learn more in The Power of Skin Decompression.


Skin decompression will...


  • address the very root of the blemishes, freeing trapped toxins and removing them from your body
  • fluff up your underlying collagen fibers, straightening them, thus enabling them to better moisturize and support your skin
  • oxygenate your skin, cleansing and invigorating your tissues
  • improve nourishment delivery to your skin
  • make your skin more receptive to skincare products, enhancing their effectiveness.


Do You Need Another Beauty Tool?

After my experience with the “Honey Hands” facial, I wanted to try the cupping massage’s decompression effect on my face as well. So I’ve created a somewhat smaller cup, though not as small as ones you’ll find on other websites. It had to be just right. I called it RejuvaCup, because it will rejuvenate your face like nothing else. You can learn more about this new beauty tool here: Facial RejuvaCup.

It's the closest technique to our "Honey Hands" facial, but more advanced. It pulls the skin in and decompresses the underlying tissues. This new video will show how to use it.

Here's a question I received and you might be asking it too: The whole RejuvaCup thing — is it really necessary if you're doing facial exercises (name any other beauty practice)? It seems the two have similar effects — improving facial blood flow and minimizing puffiness.

Note that all my anti-aging skin care practices  dry brushing, facial exercises, skin scraping, facial masque have come to me gradually through the years. They are all distinctly different practices, but their benefits obviously overlap. It becomes a matter of convenience and personal preference.


I'll be 59 soon enough. As always, I’m sharing what’s working for me. And it has all originated from my own needs. What you should do, likewise, should flow from you. It's always your decision. So, if you're happy with your skin, by all means enjoy your favorite practice(s), and don't be bothered adopting any new methods.