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Ending Your Dry Skin Concerns

Published: (November, 2020)

Ending Your Dry Skin Concerns

Dry Skin Causes and Remedies

Here’s an email I received…

Hi Tonya…I eat mainly raw, yet still have dry skin. And when I dry-brush my face, it gets even dryer. That dryness lasts for weeks. What can I do?

I’ll have to be brutally honest. Dry skin is neglected skin (aside from an illness). Dry skin is skin that has suffocated under layered scales of glued-together dead cells. It’s skin crying out for help—never given the chance to replace dead cells with new ones (and it’s practically forgotten how).

Experiments show that normal cells stop dividing when they touch their neighbors. So, the cells of dry skin have been overrun by dead and dying neighbors.

Many people scrub their feet regularly. They’d be embarrassed to be caught with their feet covered in calluses and scales of parched, rough skin. Yet they go around with faces they haven’t scrubbed in years! Daily washing doesn’t count. Mere washing does nothing to dead cells. That moisture never gets to healthy cells that are dying of thirst. The barrier of dead cells is far too thick.

What can you do to help your struggling skin? 

To speed up the reproduction of new cells, you’ve got to remove dead cells. Dry brushing is a good place to start. Be gentle at first, but be consistent. Will you see your skin transform to baby-like skin after the first few dry brushing sessions?  Not so fast.

At first, you’ll see a lot of scaling coming off. That’s a good sign. Keep at it. You might think things are getting worse—after all, you’re seeing more dry skin. But don’t blame the treatment. Blame the neglect that caused this build-up. Work through this process. Stay with it. You need to train your skin to start replacing dead cells at a faster rate. 

How long will this take? It all depends on your age, your diet, and how much care your skin has been getting in the past. If it has been neglected for years, expect it to take weeks to get rejuvenated. Four or five weeks minimum, because that’s how long it takes to replace skin cells.

Will a high-raw diet and daily juicing help? Absolutely. It will allow you to be more vigorous with your skin without irritation, and the process will be faster. But even a 100% raw diet won’t automatically give you a beautiful complexion.  Dead cells still must be removed regularly.

My Daily Beauty Routine

I’m 62. At this age, most people overwhelmingly struggle with dry skin. My skin is always moist, plump, and smooth. Dry skin is never an issue for me because I tend to my skin daily. I remove dead cells regularly. You need to do the same.

Can You Overdo It?
An Instagram comment… 

Tonya... I own almost all your products. I seriously wonder how you can use all of them regularly. Please elaborate on your actual routines. Most of us don’t have time even to do the Violet Ray let alone the rest, thanks to our busy lifestyles. And wouldn’t using every one of these products be too harsh on the face? Honestly, I find the suction cup quite scary—it’s stretching your skin. I get how a lot of the facial practices initiates your skin to rejuvenate. But don’t you believe, too, that one can also overdo things?

You can read my response in my new article: Tonya's Daily Beauty Routine.

How else you can help your skin? A daily masque is a must. For most of you, a daily facial masque will be enough. It’s been so for me. But after age 60, cell replacement slows—even with the best care. So, what do I do now?

Mermaid's Dream Seaweed Masque

Gives your skin a healthy glow

Recently, on the days, when I need to look especially good in the afternoon, I started to add a second facial mask around 2 pm. If I do the Acti-Mask in the morning, which is more advanced, I will do the gentler Mermaid's Dream Seaweed Masque in the afternoon. And the feedback I get from my skin: It loves it. 

Get this… Our complexion loves care and will respond to it favorably. Daily care will give you an exceptionally good complexion, one people will notice and tell you about it. And the older you are, the more special it looks. And the more appreciated it’ll be! Trust me, a good complexion over 60 takes the edge off aging, adds confidence and deep appreciation for the body you have, regardless of age.

What is NEW in our store:

1. We have 4 new facial masques. Facial Masks act as “super fertilizers” to our facial skin. See my new article: Which Facial Mask Should You Use?

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