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How to Smooth Out Your Nasolabial Folds

Published: (July, 2021)

How to Smooth Out Your Nasolabial Folds

1. Smooth Out Your Nasolabial Folds

When I was researching solutions for nasolabial folds, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Websites, for example, recommending injectable fillers to women as young as 20! I kept thinking: What will these women do when they hit their 60s and beyond?

Paper Trick for Nasolabial Folds

This tape method has kept me free of unattractive nasolabial folds. I started to use paper tape on my smile lines back in my early thirties. And ever since, I’ve been applying these two little pieces of tape faithfully every night. And I don’t have to regret any invasive skincare choices made earlier in life.

You can purchase paper tape at any department or drug store. Any paper tape will work!

Those of you, who are over 40, might need to use some oil-based cream underneath the tape. I use a small amount of our Nourishing Night Cream. This 100% natural cream helps the tape to stay on all night and ensures the tape is easily removed in the morning.

Facial Knuckle Massage

I also do a facial knuckle massage. It will stimulate collagen production, giving positive results for those nasolabial foldsand it won’t cost you a dime.

When it comes to skincare, I say YES to dry brushing… mask application…cupping massage…and Strigil scraping. And I say NO to anything in the nature of shots, fillers, peels, Botox, and the like.

The key idea: My skincare methods never penetrate the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis. Here’s another way to think of it…I stop at the level of blood circulation. You can’t draw so much as a drop of blood using my methods. All my practices are quite safe. You can do them yourself right at home.

2. Facial Exercise for Nasolabial Folds

Do you like doing facial exercises while watching a real person perform them? If you do, you’re in luck—there are tons of such videos on YouTube.

But not me! I cannot watch a real person doing facial exercises more than once or twice. Just too many distractions! So, I created these 3-D videos, initially, to help me to do my own facial exercise routine every morning. They worked so well for me that I posted them on YouTube. And guess what? This 3-D model outperforms yours truly demonstrating facial exercises, 10 to 1. I’m getting many requests for more such videos. 

Here’s a new 3-D facial exercise, which, done regularly, will keep you looking youthful around the lips. I call this simple exercise “Tongue Circles.” Easy to do, it works on the mimic wrinkles around the lips and on nasolabial folds.

Set the tip of your tongue on your upper gum behind your lip. Slowly and firmly move your tongue in a circle while applying some pressure away from your gums with your tongue. Do this 5 times clockwise, 5 times counterclockwise. Simple—but it’s important to do this exercise daily.

Lower Face Lift

This exercise builds up your upper jaw. It prevents bone loss and can actually reverse the “sunken-mouth” look while reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds.

You can find more "Spoon" Facial Exercises for smoothing out your nasolabial folds in my book Rawsome Flex: Beautifying System of Facial Exercises and Raw Foods and on my YouTube channel.

3. Special Deal: 1 FREE WrinkAlign Pack of Your Choice Paper Tape for Nasolabial Folds

The paper tape trick I demonstrated earlier is quite effective, so long as you use it regularly. If you're young and your skin is robust and healthy, you can use paper tape on other wrinkle-prone parts of your face; for example, on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and under your eyes.

You’ll notice, though, that on some nights, the paper sticks too tightly to your skin, and it hurts to pull it out. This can leave the site red and irritated. If you’ve slept on your side, the paper tape might fold your skin in an odd way and create a crease rather than smoothing it out.

Also, the tape isn’t big enough to cover the forehead. When I used two or three pieces, I saw creases created in the places where the two pieces met. And paper tape doesn’t help at all in avoiding jowls. All these drawbacks got me looking for a better solution. And I’ve found it… patches. I believe these are among my biggest allies in staying nearly wrinkle-free at age 63.

To keep our natural-material clothes neat and attractive, we need to iron them. In the same way, our skin can benefit greatly from "ironing," which the WrinkAlign patches provide.

The places on your face, where facial expressions are heavily present during the day, can benefit from being relaxed and smoothed out by WrinkAlign patches during the night. This way the patches prevent the development of permanent deep creases on your face.

On the subject of our Cheek & Chin Push-Up Sling, here’s an email I received recently…

I decided to try the Cheek & Chin Push-up Sling. After using it once, however, it hurt my ears...I understand the product needs to be kind of tight to work, but do you have any suggestions for making it more tolerable?

My reply: I don’t like any feeling of tightness over my ears, either. The label of our Cheek & Chin Push-Up Sling suggests an alternative: Take a shoelace or string, thread it through the sling’s openings, and tie the ends on the top of your head. I’ve been using this string method from the get-go and find it comfortable and effective.