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Facial Exercises as Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

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Doctors often dismiss facial exercise because of a lack of supporting research, just as they dismiss the raw foods lifestyle. Lack of research is not a good enough reason to dismiss any idea. Doctors voice their opinions on facial exercises without trying them out themselves.

These are usually the very people who quickly recommend cosmetic surgery for signs of aging. The very notion of cosmetic surgery—even as a bare possibility—gives me the creeps. And so with most raw foods folks I know. We, being dedicated to a clean, healthy lifestyle achieved by means of raw foods, seek to avoid any kind of purely discretionary surgery. One important reason—because we become vulnerable to the toxic medications any surgery brings with it.

Cosmetic surgery often requires cheek implants to plump up the face. Why? Because facelifts drag the face backward. While this eliminates sags, it pulls away the fullness of youth. Occasionally, cosmetic surgeons suggest the addition of exercises after a surgery, but generally, they ignore the benefits because exercise doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Surprised? Not at all!

On the rare occasions when facial exercise is discussed, it usually winds up being accused of causing wrinkles instead of smoothing them out. Some experts say that you should not exercise your facial muscles. Their theory is that moving these muscles around during everyday living is responsible for all those little lines showing up in the first place.

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Beautifying System of Facial Exercises and Raw Foods

Movement causes wrinkles? There is some truth in this. The idea that skin movement causes skin to wrinkle would be true only if our skin were a sheet of paper or a piece of cloth. But skin is a living organ, repairing and rejuvenating itself. Look at children. Kids notoriously make monster faces, often extremely repetitively, that do not result in wrinkles. (Remember your mom saying, “If you make that face one more time, it’ll stay that way”? Rest assured, it’s a myth.)

A young person’s epidermis continuously develops to accommodate new growth in both musculature and skeletal structure. The challenge is to make our mature skin respond like young skin. The raw foods diet is our only chance. On raw foods, our system works as efficiently as a much younger person’s.

Scientists researching the cooked food population believe that growth occurs from birth to about 25 years of age, after which the human body slowly begins to decline. It is when the epidermis is no longer growing and stretching—when it is half dead, in other words—that the ravages of gravity begin to take effect. On the raw food diet you will be able to fight gravity much better than the rest of the population. But sooner ot later even the raw food people will have to begin doing facial exercise to address gravity pull.

How would you feel about a free, painless, absolutely risk-free facelift? You’re not going to go to sleep and wake up battered, bruised, weak, and miserable. You will not be looking like you just went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson while you are waiting to become a brand new you.

Please watch this video on Instagram. I'm doing a facial exercise with a spoon. It is cheap and safe. But it won’t come without effort. It is not work free. You are going to wriggle, stretch, contract, and pucker every day. Sound like work? It is. But facial exercises are not labor-intensive. They probably require less effort than healing from surgery—and they are certainly healthier. Learn more about facial exercising here...