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Natural Neck Lift

Published: (October, 2015)

Natural Neck Lift

Do You Pay Enough Attention to Your Neck?

The neck. Nobody pays any attention to it. Not, that is, until that one day, you look in the mirror...Yikes! What happened?

I've spent hours researching...
How does our neck age? What neck cosmetic procedures are available?  
And what practical steps you can take to achieve a natural neck lift without surgical intervention? 

If you are considering paying a visit to your local plastic surgeon about a neck lift procedure, first learn about my findings here: Natural Neck Lift 

I had drooping eyelids in my late thirties, and a double chin. I went vegetarian and then 100% raw. But I didn't make the connection at first. Until... that droop and that double chin were gone! The beautifying effect of raw foods was the main inspiration for writing my first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful.

Whatever need there may be for surgery or for neurotoxin procedures, they deal only with the effect — not the cause. You need to slow that aging down. Everywhere - your whole body, including your neck. The very best way: eating more and more wholesome raw vegan foods.

A high raw foods lifestyle will definitely address excess fat on the face and neck as you move through your thirties and forties. But, amazingly, it will also effectively slow down the loss of fat in your fifties and beyond.

We age shouldn't we take care of our face and neck every day? I promise you no miracles. I'll only tell you what works - if you do it diligently.

Here is a short video called How to Tighten and Firm Your Neck and Jawline.

It's an excerpt from the video that I recorded in November 2010. Almost exactly five years ago. I demonstrate two facial exercises (that must be performed daily!), that helped me to keep the neck and jowls in check from the age of 52 to 57, the aging period when most people notice a "sudden" drastic aging of the neck.

And yes, WrinkAlign will work very well for the neck. Use it during the day. Just wrap a scarf over it to hold it in place.

Get this program going, keep it up, and it will keep you looking twenty years younger than the date on your driver's license implies. And that's as good as forever!

How to Keep Your Upper Chest Wrinkle Free

Décolleté... a rather pretty French word we use to call the upper chest. Cleavage, a delicate area, for women - it tends "suddenly" to age about the same time as the neck. The best solution... a cupping massage. But this one's not for the faint-of-heart. You'll experience an unpleasant moment when you are getting started.

Most people's capillaries are in such a sorrowful state that the cupping massage, their first time out, might cause some bruising. When I first performed it on my upper chest and arms, I ended up with bruises. I knew what was happening, and wasn't worried. But my husband was exasperated. Heavens, woman! What have you done to yourself?

It did look as if I'd been beaten up. Those bruises healed in a few days. I haven't had one since.

If you do try the cupping massage, don't start with a visible area. Go for a thigh first. One upper arm next. One arm at a time, and be ready to wear long sleeves and tops, covering the upper chest, for a few days.


Using the smallest cup will give you a clear picture of the state of your skin and underlying tissues. You must be very careful. Begin with a very small area using that smallest cup and only perform the cupping massage for a few seconds the first time. If you'll endure this one little hump, you'll be glad, because there is no treatment more effective for the décolleté area.

I cup-massage every day for a few minutes and my upper chest looks pretty much as it was when I was twenty! More information about Cupping Massage here: