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Breast Enhancement: The Natural Solution

When you begin the transition to the raw foods lifestyle, and you start to lose weight, this will affect your breasts. Can you really increase your breast size? Can you firm and tone your breasts? In my experience, if you follow the raw food lifestyle, your breasts do firm up and become more youthful, just as the rest of your body. But it might take a couple of years. It would be nice if something could be done to speed up this process.

Of course many women who are seeking bust enhancement opt to go under the knife of the plastic surgeon. Besides the risks the doctor will tell you about, such as surgery complications, implant rejection, ruptured implants, loss of sensation et al, it bears repeating that any surgery and the related anesthesia is always going to expedite your aging process. And of course, eventually you have to go for replacement implants, as they don’t last forever.

Please, keep in mind that what breast enhancing creams and supplements do, is cause breasts to swell temporarily by causing you to retain more water. The use of such products can interfere with your body’s metabolism.

Consider Breast Massage

The safest of all available methods would be a breast massage. Breast massage for wellness is not widely known in western culture. On the other hand, breast massage techniques are widely accepted and used in health and beauty salons in Asia. Countries like Thailand place great importance on the therapeutic value of the breast massage, a quite effective form of breast enhancement. Here are some simple techniques for self-breast massage ...

Perform a breast massage 1 to 3 times a week, each time for about 2 to 5 minutes. Begin by using your fingers moving the skin away (outward) from the nipple slowly and gently. This process can help start the flow of toxins and fluids out of your breasts. Any more pressure than that can actually stop the flow. There is no one special breast massage technique. The main key is to gently but firmly massage and not use any harsh ‘slapping’ technique.

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Try with Oil

You can apply some massage oil you buy at a health salon or health food store. Sweet almond and apricot kernel oils are excellent. If you’re allergic to nuts, use light coconut oil and avoid the almond oil. You can also use my Beautiful on Raw "GLOW" Cream. It will be absorbed very quickly and will not soil your clothes, at the same time giving your skin a smooth and soft feel. Use very light pressure when massaging the breasts. You’ll need only the lightest movement, using the palms or flat part of the fingertips. Gently knead the breasts with your hands using a lifting and pressing action.

According to Ayurvedic practices, massages will help lift the breasts, prevent sagging, and increase breast size. The steps just described tend to loosen up breast muscles and improve circulation. This next step will help facilitate the process. Use your hands to slowly and carefully twist and wring the breasts in a clockwise and reverse clockwise motion.

Don’t twist too much. But the twisting action will create a slight tourniquet effect and help fresh blood and fluids to flow in and toxins to flow out from the breast area. When you can, avoid wearing a bra at home—and always when you’re sleeping. Wearing a bra can restrict lymph flow and the release of toxins. This is a very natural way to enhance the breasts without surgery. Regular breast massage will promote better skin, better muscle structure, good tissue growth and good breast tone.

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What about Herbal Breast Enlargement?

Some women who practice breast massage to increase breast fullness also use various herbs to help expand, firm and tone their breasts. Herbal breast enlargement, combined with breast massage, tends to reverse sagging, out of shape breasts. A note of caution: Be sure, to research these herbs yourself before applying them to your beasts.

Saw Palmetto is one popular herbal ingredient. This herb is considered remarkable by many and seems to have no side effects or drug interactions (though of course do not use more than the recommended dosage). The breast enhancing effects are from phyto-nutrients that tend to stimulate the breast tissue, increase size and improve general breast health. Saw Palmetto oil can be used while performing breast massage.

Two other herbs widely used for breast enhancement are wild yam and fennel. Wild yam has been used for a long time and is known for its benefits in women’s reproductive health (including menopausal and menstrual problems). You can add wild yam powder to a moisturizer to use in massaging your breasts. Fennel is another herb used for centuries to enhance breast size and even promote milk production in new mothers. It is rich in phytonutrients which stimulate breast size increase. Fennel essential oil can be added to a good moisturizer while performing a breast massage.

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Onions? Onions are another candidate. They are said to be useful in enlarging and improving the health of breasts. Fresh onion juice mixed with honey and turmeric in powder form is what some proponents advocate. The mixture is used to massage the breasts, to firm drooping breasts and to prevent sagging.

Be patient and consistent and the results will come. Lovely as nice round breasts may be, remember this above all else: Health counts vastly more than any culturally determined measure of beauty. Whatever the techniques you use, the raw food diet is your first aid for achieving healthy breasts. Beauty will follow!