CR and Raw Vegan was the Answer

I want to thank you for the great inspiration provided in your books (especially Your Right to Be Beautiful and Quantum Eating). I have been trying to follow a low fat raw vegan diet during more than 2 years without success, but gathering momentum from your books I got myself through the 40 day raw vegan peak, following a caloric restricted raw diet of fresh and organic vegetables with 16 hours of fasting per day.

Caloric restriction was a must for me, not because of weight issues, but because of digestive problems; I simply couldn’t eat more than 1200 calories per day of fruits and vegetables, although blended, without feeling stuffed to death...With caloric restriction I not only got over digestive problems, but I achieved unexpected levels of energy that before were wasted dealing with digestion: I run during these 40 days almost every day for one hour, took a walk for another hour, with a session of stretching, and I felt more creative than ever before, working on my art and literary projects... The caloric restriction combined with the low fat raw vegan diet was the answer to all my problems; no more ups and downs of mood and energy, no more emotional eating or food addiction, no more digestive problems... I also followed some of your skin care advices, dry brushing my skin, using a clay mask every day, and making facial exercises. I am very happy with the results.