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Excellent Example of Health

Tonya, you are an excellent example of good health, keep up the good work! I thank the Lord for the health message and teachers like you! I was healed of 2nd stage breast cancer in 1984, NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION, NO SURGERY (ALL CANCELLED) through the vegan lifestyle. Ten years later introduced to 80/20 raw, in mid 90′s 85/15 and I saw you in Florida lecture around 2007 or ‘08. Like you, I look many years younger than my age group and haven’t needed a medical doctor since 1984!!!

I will always continue to live the healthy diet and lifestyle, not just for the outer appearance, but the awesome blessings of my healthy internal body. I am a very active senior and happy that I am disease free, enjoying my later years like all of us should and are meant to do! … I know Jack LaLane’s niece here in Hawaii and she looks and does great for her senior age! I will suggest your newsletter to her! Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the health message! Aloha!

N. (February, 2012)