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Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Belly Fat

Belly fat is the worst, most dangerous, fat you can carry. Those love handles you may or not be resigned to are surface fat—that pinchable layer right under the skin—and you can lose that easily. But overfat is the abdominal fat that grows deep inside the body, wrapping around your vital organs. The liver borrows this fat, turning it into cholesterol, which is deposited in the arteries, eventually leading to heart attack or stroke. Overfat can lead to type 2 diabetes, causes the inflammation that may bring on some cancers, can decrease muscle mass, and increase glucose levels.

Overfat…What is it?

Overfat refers to excess body fat that can impair health. But it isn’t confined to obese people. Overfat includes even some of normal weight people. Excess body fat, especially abdominal fat, is associated with increased risk of chronic diseases, mortality, and lower quality of life.

Are Your Overfat?

How do you tell whether you fall into the overfat category? Your waist is your ticket…Measure your waist circumference. Double that number. If it’s more than half your height, consider yourself in danger of being overfat. Another way…look at your hip-to-waist ratio. If your waist is bigger than your hips, your risk is higher than a person whose ratio is more proportionate.

I don’t believe the overfat problem will be solved the way experts suggest. And it certainly won’t get fixed the way our culture is going. If you’re eating cooked foods, that old middle age spread is just about inevitable. Eating the occasional salad or other “diet” foods won’t solve the problem, either.

The one best way to lose weight and to get rid of that dangerous abdominal fat: Eat more raw foods. Here’s what’s interesting…once you begin eating mostly or totally raw foods, an amazing thing happens: Your weight drops from the waist.

A second step: Stop eating at night. Quit at six. Then move it back to five, four, even earlier. These two changes to your lifestyle will give you the results you’re looking for—radiant good health and a youthful, trim body. More in book QUantum Eating.

Quantum Eating

The best way to lose your belly fat

Raw Food and Your Weight

Going raw is great for your health and looks. But going raw, if you’re thin, is a real challenge. Why? Because body fat is where we store toxins. Raw foods are very cleansing, so you’ll experience some weight loss when going raw, whether you start with lots of fat or just a little. Great news if you carry a bunch. Switching to raw will be a most rewarding, exciting time. You’ll see yourself slimming down before your very eyes, usually within 4 to 6 weeks. That was my experience.

100 Dayss to 100% Raw

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