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Raw Foods and Weight Loss

by Kelli Haines

I had tried "going raw" every way there was and could never see it through or stick to it. Before the raw food diet came along I was a die-hard Atkins girl; again and again and again. I was the epitome of Yo-Yo dieting, and was battling a binge/purge mentality.

My Goal is to Be Where My Body Wants to Be

Once I got a hold of 100 Days to 100% Raw, I knew I could finally meet my goals in a healthy way. It took me a few tries, but once I made the commitment, I went all the way through the program and was as surprised as anyone to discover that I reached my original goal weight! Since then my goal weight has changed to just be wherever my body wants to be … which is lower than what I originally thought.

The key for me was discovering that the things that promote cleansing are also the very things that promote weight loss. Not only did I lose my unwanted bulk, but I gained a lot of good health habits that now serve me well in other areas of my life. I obtained a newfound appreciation for colon cleansing because, even though in the 100 Days e-book whether or not to perform it is left up to the individual to decide, I practiced it once a week and found that it was a key ingredient in promoting cleansing and weight loss.

Waste = Weight

Raw food author Natalia Rose has said that "Waste = Weight" and I didn't want to just pile a bunch of raw food on top of old waste. Now that I'm pretty much where I want to be weight wise, it's also easy to maintain if I am consistent with my health practices including dry brushing, exercise, juicing and a high raw food diet.

If I just sat around eating raw foods and waiting for the weight to fall off, I don't think I would have been successful because it takes a more balanced and well rounded approach.

As I gradually move towards applying the Quantum Eating principles, I am delighted to realize that regaining the weight need never be a concern. Now, I can move beyond focusing on my diet as a means of weight loss and can focus on the other areas of life that are more important: taking care of my temple, reaching out to others and growing spiritually. Losing weight on the raw food diet was merely a springboard for me to get on to the real business of living!

Quantum Eating

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Cleansing Leads to Weight Loss

Cleansing causes weight loss. The enzymes that are contained in raw foods assist with this. Purifying your diet by incorporating Quantum Eating will take you further up the cleansing ladder. Weight loss comes in spurts as your body cleanses and moves up a level. It is not usually a steady or predictable decline on the scales. Sometimes the scales don't change but your shape does. This happens when you exercise and work out, since muscle actually weighs more than fat.

Don't Keep Looking at the Scale

You eventually learn that glowing, radiant health and a lean and clean body don't always amount to a certain number on the scale. Some people have experienced no weight loss for the first few months while the body is healing other issues and then suddenly, the weight comes off at an alarming rate. When it comes to weight loss on a raw food diet, no two people are alike. Every experience is unique.

People overeat before switching to raw foods because their bodies are constantly hungry, craving and crying out for nutrients that they are not getting. After making the switch to the raw food diet, eventually you are getting enough nourishment, as well as fiber from your food, so that you are satisfied with less. Your body is also processing and assimilating better, so you actually don't need as much. You get more nutrition from less food.

100 Days to 100% Raw

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