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100% Raw Versus "Whole Food Diet"

Published: (March, 2013)

100% Raw Versus "Whole Food Diet"

Do I really have to be 100% raw? Won't 80% do?

I'm asked this all the time.

First, no-you don't have to do anything. A hundred percent raw...80 percent...or stir-fried vegetables every night-it's up to you.

These days in the raw food community the theory has been touted that staying on the "whole food diet"-for example, 80% raw-will let them achieve the same results as a 100% raw food diet, though over a much longer period of time. 

Here's the idea in a nutshell:

1. Since detox is slower on a "whole food diet" than on 100% raw, you'll be cleansing your body longer, therefore you'll be getting younger over a longer period of time, say 10 years.

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2. 100% raw eaters detox faster and deeper, they will become "ridiculously young," perhaps in 3 years, but then they'll still begin to age. 

Therefore, the 80% whole foods regime would be equal in results to the raw food diet at some point, since the "whole food" people getting younger will catch up to 100% raw individuals. (Remember those who started to age again after just 3 years.)

But the premises and the conclusion in the scenario above are seriously flawed on many levels. Let us consider them more carefully.   

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Answering Your Questions and Comments

1. A viewer left this comment on my Facial Exercise video

You look fabulous-young skin, no sagging or wrinkles. But there's something I haven't been able to put my finger on that gives away a woman's age anyway. I've been doing facial exercises for years, but, now, only to maintain. I can tell how I would have aged normally by looking at my sisters. I am visibly younger looking than they are, and they comment all the time. But I still see a maturity that says I'm over 40. I see the same thing in your face, which I can't quite describe...

Hmm, let's see... a rose touched by frost. I think that's what my commenter means. 

However well you eat and exercise, you'll still age-the raw food lifestyle (including facial exercises) doesn't stop aging entirely. What it will do, though, is slow that aging process. You'll look younger longer. You'll age differently as a distinctly unusual specimen. 

Yes, you will have a couple of wrinkles amid what's otherwise a pretty youthful glow. A little youth, a little maturity, if you will. You'll get a lot more compliments about your looks than when you were in your teens and twenties. Truth be known, you looked unremarkable then-more or less what a young woman generally looks like. But now, there is, no doubt, a mature beauty. It's rare. It sticks out. It's valued more. And it's what I'm going for. And I hope you'll join me.

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2. I received this email: Tonya, I thought I was going to love using the Violet Ray. But now, after using it, I find my scalp itches. I feel like scratching all over. What's going on?...

What's going on is that your Violet Ray is working! In fact, if your scalp weren't itching a bit, I'd suggest using it a little longer or setting it to a higher intensity. From my personal experience and numerous anecdotal testimonials, Violet Ray applications are very effective, but it takes time and dedication before your hair begins to grow thicker and faster. That itching is the price you pay; it's part of that dedication and also your earliest sign that the Ray is working! However, the itching will only last about 15 minutes after using your Violet Ray, and you can minimize the itching by rubbing a little bit of castor oil on the affected area. 

The Violet Ray comes to us from a figure who looms large in the history of science- Nikola Tesla. If you're unfamiliar with the Violet Ray's origin or its glorious history, do your own investigation. One quite substantial free e-book I recently discovered does an admirable job. 

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You'll read here the historical background of the Violet Ray, in the growing awareness, 1860 to 1920 or so, of the electrical or 'galvanic' aspect of human physiology. No less interesting: the heyday of Tesla's Violet Ray, and its ever-broadening range of uses in treating health issues. Those of you with an open spirit of investigation will much enjoy this work by Gary J. Lockhart:

Check out the chapter about the Violet Ray for hair growth beginning on page 217.