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Microneedling ... Skin Rejuvenator

Microneedling: How it works

Our RejuvaRoll uses two types of needles - copper and iron. Some of the iron needles are plated with zinc. Some copper needles are plated in silver. As a result, five different metals come into contact with your skin. Blood is among the most important fluids in the human body. Metals in micro-doses are part of your blood's makeup. Microelements - including these metals - are vital for our well being. The beneficial effect of the RejuvaRoll begins when the tips of the needles are differently charged, producing galvanic current at the contact points on the skin.

Attack Cellulite with RejuvaRoll

Cellulite happens when fat cells swell, compressing the flow of blood and lymph. This leads to a buildup of fluid and toxins. Connective tissue forms hard, fibrous capsules around your fat cells, which creates that dimpled "cottage cheese" appearance on the skin's surface around your thighs, buttocks and sometimes lower abdomen. Cellulite seems to happen to anyone - including otherwise healthy women.

The skin is made up of three distinct skin layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat. The outermost skin layer is your epidermis. Immediately under is the dermis, saturated with hair follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels, nerve receptors and connective tissue. The next deeper layer of tissue is the first of three sub-layers of subcutaneous fat. This uppermost sub-layer of subcutaneous fat consists of "standing fat-cell chambers" separated by connective tissue. From these fat-cell chambers, fat cells protrude into the dermis. This unevenness and irregularity of dermis, created by distortions of subcutaneous fat, gives skin the bumpy appearance we call cellulite. Aging of the collagen and elastic fibers allows more fat cells to protrude into the dermis area, worsening the appearance of cellulite.

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Note: Our RejuvaRoll is Nickel FREE.

The pins on our micro needle roller are about 2 millimeters high. The thickness of the epidermis and the dermis varies but is around 2mm over most of the body. The dermis is made up of blood vessels, nerve endings, and connective tissue. The Dermis composed of cells that don't divide regularly. They can divide but they do so when called upon to do so, such as when they need to close a wound. The pins' gentle pressure on the skin reaches through the epidermis and dermis, reaching down all the way to subcutaneous fat - all without actually puncturing the skin!

Using RejuvaRoll

Using your RejuvaRoll will increase blood flow and lymph drainage in applied areas, aiding the removal of fluids and toxins. When you target specific areas of your body, the pins increase the breakdown of fat and cellulite while speeding up fat metabolism.

When used regularly, the pins will liquefy fat and then slowly release it into the capillaries and lymphatic system. You want to remove some fat, so you are pressing on it, not cutting. The pins will leave an imprint on your skin in the form of small red dots, just as any object will do when pressed to the skin. This is nothing to be concerned about. Wait a little until they disappear and use your RejuvaRoll again.


For full hair and beautiful skin.

The pins provide a deep massaging effect that loosens up connective tissues and fatty deposits as well as stimulates your circulation to absorb that fatty tissue.

You can use the skin roller for double chins, love handles and any other area where your body pockets fat. There's no medication involved - here's a completely natural alternative to liposuction, mesotherapy and other invasive cosmetic procedures. You'll find no better spot-targeting products to work on fat.

You can apply the micro needle roller over your scalp to stimulate hair growth. You can use it on your legs addressing varicose veins.

Slight itching and other possible detox symptoms are an indication something good is going on. Even though we don't know the exact mechanism of what is happening, you will know something is being released into the blood stream. As you experience a gradual marked improvement in you skin, you will know that it was toxins, excess fat deposits and retained water being released.

Because RejuvaRoll is not in the least invasive, you can and should use it daily for dramatic results. Use it, as well, in conjunction with your well regulated raw foods regimen. The result is in the combination - the stimulation power of your skin roller and the detoxifying, nourishing and healing effect of raw foods. In tandem, they will improve your appearance, metabolizing unwanted localized fat and giving you both underlying health and the healthier look you deserve and want.