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Paper Plate Workout

Just when you thought you'd exhausted the list of possible gadgets to help us achieve our body strengthening and slimming goals, here comes something totally new...Something so inexpensive, so familiar, so handy, yet able to tone up all those muscle groups, strengthen your whole body, and get your heart pumping with a good aerobic workout. What is it? Paper Plates Workout.

Sounds crazy, yes, but check out this video...

Paper Plate Group Training Exercise Class

Quite the versatile item, the paper plate. Using paper plates for a serious workout sounds silly. Until, that is, you get on all fours and try out some of the moves shown in the video. The challenge offered by sliding on two paper plates is surprisingly intense. Fashioned after gliding, a kind of workout invented by Mindy Mylrea, a fitness professional and busy mother of three, paper-plate fitness is fast gaining popularity. Just as with foods: The simpler, the better. Mindy didn't originally use paper plates, but purpose-designed specialty gadgets, but I, like many others, have found paper plates every bit as good.

Give it a go. Harder than you thought, isn't it? Simple, rewarding exercise, and almost zero-cost equipment. It doesn't get better than that!