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Fabulous Complexion and Full Hair: Nikola Tesla's Violet Ray Idea

The High Frequency/ Violet Ray is an integral part of my beauty regimen. Having used it for years, I’m happy to offer it on my website for shipping all over the world. My own experience and customer comments tell me the Violet Ray is the best aid there is for reversing and preventing graying hair.

It definitely stimulates thicker hair growth. It is also helpful for treating skin blemishes such as acne, redness, sun damage spots and fine lines. If you own a Violet Ray, or decide to buy one, you may want a few extra tips for using this handy multi-tasking unit.

When you order the High Frequency Ray, we will ship it next day with a 3-year warranty.  It comes with four differently shaped electrodes: Mushroom, Curved, Spoon, and the Comb or Rake (In the picture, I'm using the Comb electrode).

Your unit’s electrodes may glow either violet or orange-red. Both work the same. Color merely indicates which gas is used in the electrode. Neon glows orange-red, while argon gas glows violet.

Some estheticians mistakenly presume the orange-red light from the electrodes is infrared, which would make for more heat and deeper penetration. It is not. Actually, violet and orange-red electrodes produce the same benefits. Don’t confuse the Violet Ray with ultra-violet radiation, either.

This device really does work! I was experiencing a huge amount of hair fall. Now, that I have started using this hair rake, for about 10 minutes a day ... I am only losing a minimum of 20 hairs a day ... compared to 200 a day!!! This is a life saver!!!!


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light—that is, with wavelengths between 40 and 400 nm (nanometers). The sun is our main natural source of UV. Artificial sources include tanning beds, curing lamps, germicidal lamps, mercury vapor lamps, halogen lights, high-intensity discharge lamps, fluorescent and incandescent sources, and some lasers.

High Frequency Violet Ray

For hair stimulation.

The Violet Ray is not a source of UV. When Nikola Tesla first developed this high frequency device, he used argon gas. Argon emits a violet color. Customers expect to see a violet color in working electrodes. But neon gas, which glows orange-red, seems to last longer than the violet-argon version. So the manufacturer began using neon gas whenever commercially available.

It’s ozone—not the neon or argon gas—which produces the healing effect. You have no contact with the gas whatsoever. The gas is there merely to cause the color change that shows you the unit is on and working properly.

In nature, the sun turns oxygen into ozone. The Violet Ray does this through a high voltage, high frequency, low current electrical source. It is perfectly safe. You can use it every day and feel completely comfortable!

To use your High Frequency/Violet Ray properly, first read the included manual carefully. After inserting the electrode, plug the unit in. Always follow standard safety precautions. Never use your Violet Ray near water or on wet hair or oiled skin. Start at the lowest setting and then slowly adjust the volume to the highest comfortable level.

Scalp Tonic

Now with ginseng!

When you see violet or orange-red … it’s working! You’ll feel a warm, tingling sensation. You may occasionally feel a tiny ‘zap’ of electrical shock. This occurs when a small space between your skin and the electrode is maintained —nothing to worry about. One of your electrodes—the Curved—is intentionally designed for this healing effect.

You may also notice a slight odor. This is ozone. When you smell it, you will know that it’s working! Again, this odor is not from the internal argon or neon gas, which stays inside the electrode at all times.

Recommended use is 5 minutes per session, once or twice a day. You may use the unit for up to 10 minutes at a time if you find that works better for you. When you are done, simply unplug the unit, remove the electrode, and put it away. No other maintenance is needed.

Daily use of your Violet Ray is splendid for aiding detoxification, improved circulation, pain relief, blood oxygenation, improved health of your hair and achieving a glowing complexion.

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While we, of course, can make no claims of any “cure” for injury or disease, the High Frequency/ Violet Ray can become an indispensable aid in your quest for “Rawsome” health and beauty. Use your Violet Ray as part of the raw food lifestyle and a proper exercise regimen, and let it help you on your walk to great health and good looks!