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How to Grow Long Hair Fast

Got coarse-textured hair that grows fast? Good for you! My own hair is fine (meaning each individual hair strand has a small diameter) and growing it has always been a challenge. Now, this would be just great if I were sporting a cute little pixie cut—it would be simple and practical.

But no—not me. I’ve always wanted long hair. Always preferred it. This was challenging enough in my youth. But after 40, it just hasn’t grown as readily. And once my hair reaches a certain length, it seems just to stop growing altogether. If your age is forties or better, you know exactly what I mean. For some of us, growing hair can be as challenging as growing palm trees in the arctic.

Normal hair grows about half an inch per month, or 6 inches total in a year. As we age, growth rate can decrease to half this pace or even less.

How does hair growth happen? New hair gets added to the hair root by the process of cell division. As new cells are added, they push the old ones forward.

Three principles drive hair growth: internally-nutrition…and externally-stimulation and protection.

Nutrition. You know where I’m going here. A sound raw food diet will give you the best possible nutritional advantage for growing healthy hair fast. Be sure to include tried and true hair helpers such as seaweed, greens and raw nuts. These deliver minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids, providing the rich protein hair needs. Stock up on leafy greens and get in a serving of soaked raw nuts or seeds each day. A mineral-rich raw food diet is your best bet for building strong healthy hair from the inside.

And why does hair need stimulation? In fact, it’s the scalp that needs it, and the reason is blood circulation. You want to bring increased blood flow to the hair roots, delivering nutrients and encouraging new cell development. Healthy blood is very important, but delivering it is vital—especially for those hard-to-reach places where it’s needed most. How can you achieve this effect? The most obvious way is brushing your hair diligently with a brush or a comb. You can also massage the scalp with your fingers, using some scalp stimulating solutions that include hair growth promoting herbal extracts, such as wheatgrass, mustard greens and Cayenne pepper.

One great way to stimulate circulation is daily use of the Violet Ray. I went to great lengths in finding the best High Frequency Tesla coil, because I believe that nothing compares to the Violet Ray for addressing thinning hair and hair loss. After using the Violet Ray twice a day for some time, I’ve noticed my hair growing almost two thirds of an inch per month—higher, even, than the normal rate! I am determined to get it down to my waist very soon, even with regular trimming.

The Violet Ray

For skin and hair.

Protection. Here are some tips to make sure that your steadily growing hair is at its healthiest and looks its best:

  • When the weather is cold or hot, wear a hat for protection
  • Trim your hair regularly to keep damage to a minimum, since hair damage interferes somewhat with the growth process
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Avoid sudden changes in diet, which can shock the body and lead to hair loss due to stress
  • Whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally-avoid using curling irons and blow dryers

If you give your hair and scalp the loving attention and encouragement needed for increased hair growth, time will reward you. Worry first about healthy growth and then fasterfuller growth will follow. Now is the time—put these ideas into practice and get growing!