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Improve Circulation and Rejuvenate through Acupuncture and Acupressure

Recently, I received an uplifting call from a user of the Rolling Bed of Pins. Ms. Tillie B. White, age 71, called to let us know she was very excited to see her sparse hair starting to grow and fill in after using the RejuvaRoll. New hair growth was showing up in the places where she used the roller. Tillie was so excited she was ordering another one for a friend!

The Rolling Bed of Pins is what the name says—a miniature, rolling version of the actual “bed of nails” that originated thousands of years ago, used as a healing instrument in the medical traditions of India and China.

Contrary to popular opinion, it was not used as an instrument of torture or to prove a user's ability to withstand pain. Sleeping on a bed of nails was done to heal the body, to release physical and emotional blocks, and to bring balance to body and mind. More recently, in the 1980s, these beds of nails were used in Russia to decrease inflammation and stress, to renew tissues, to strengthen immune systems, and even to relieve depression.

The principle of operation of RejuvaRoll is based on traditions of acupressure and acupuncture. The ancient healing art of acupressure involves fingers pressing precise points on the skin surface, stimulating your body’s natural curative capacities. The desirable results of acupressure include:

easing muscle tension
improving blood circulation
releasing the body’s life forces to promote healing.

Many confuse acupressure with its cousin among oriental arts—acupuncture. Big difference! Acupuncture involves needles, ultra-precise positioning, and, as the name implies, an actual puncturing of the skin. Acupressure employs a gentler, slightly more distributed—and entirely non-invasive—pressure from fingers, hands, occasionally even feet.

Back to that difference between acupuncture and acupressure. No, we don’t want to poke you, or to teach you to poke holes in yourself. We do want to urge the value of gentle, controlled, precise pressure as an aid to health.

Now that you’re eating raw foods, it’s important to get clean, healthy blood flowing into even the hard-to-reach parts of your body. The Rolling Bed of Pins works in much the same manner as the original bed of nails by stimulating surface blood flow using a series of small pins in a rolling action. Simply roll it against your facial skin or your scalp in any direction that feels comfortable.

You can use this device for any area of your body to reduce pain and improve blood circulation. In the process, you’ll also stimulate acupressure points for enhanced results.

The RejuvaRoll’s copper and iron pins are plated with zinc and silver—all elements your body needs. Rolling these over the skin increases circulation. If your body is missing some of these microelements, they will be absorbed by the skin. The needle tips also act like tiny electrodes, passing a galvanic current to the skin’s deeper layers, allowing beneficial biochemical reactions to take place. When you use the Rolling Bed of Pins, it's like getting the benefits of a nap on a bed of nails. It’s a massage and an acupressure treatment all in one!

You can use the Rolling Bed of Pins not only on your face and scalp, but on any other part of your body. Roll evenly and smoothly. You’ll feel no scratching or gouging—just a warm, pleasant, tingling sensation. As long as you roll along the surface, the pins touch your skin but never pierce it. The Rolling Bed of Pins is completely noninvasive. Take turns using it on a loved one.

I carry my RejuvaRoll with me all the time. Wherever I go, it’s in my purse … in my car … in my luggage when I travel. Whenever I have an extra minute, I take it out and use it. It’s truly an anytime, anyplace beauty aid, with the added distinction of delivering health benefits as well. 

It’s easy … it’s healthy … it’s pleasant. So … Let’s Roll!