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We don't actually have to grow old or get sick!

Hi Tonya
I just wanted to share this with you since you are the only other person on the planet that I can currently discuss the wonders of raw food with. I just turned 50 and have been 100% raw (with a little minor cheating here and there) for the last 4 years and experiment with dry fasting.

I also do daily facial exercises, use the blu-ray, the rolling bed of pins, facial massage and cupping (all yours of course :)).

I also practice cold water dousing daily which I think is amazing for the body as I can feel the circulation increase after each shower.  I used to feel the cold very badly and have bad circulation in my extremities, now I barely notice it. I also do affirmations and meditations for youthing.

Anyway, back to my story: I was at drinks with my colleagues the other night and a young co worker in his 20s asked me how old I was.  He guessed I was 35.....I deflected for a while but he persisted so I came out and told him I was 50.  He didn't believe me and asked for ID!...Of course I am flattered but I'm more interested about it from a scientific point of view - it turns everything we know about ageing on its head!  We don't actually have to grow old or get sick!  There are so many implications for all of this it's mind boggling.

Anyway I"m sure you are not surprised and get stories like this all the time but wanted to share with you.
Best of luck and know that your work is making a huge difference to the world

A. (June, 2018)