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Facial Skin: How Different Is It from the Rest of the Body?

Some argue against facial massage, facial exercise and especially against dry-brushing, on the grounds that facial skin is extra-sensitive. A better way to state the truth: Facial skin is different. If you look under a microscope, you’ll see that the cells making up the top layer of the face are generally smaller than skin cells on the rest of the body.

Your skin is an organ—the biggest in your body. As an organ, the skin works—it does things. Your skin is both a barrier and a membrane. That is, it’s designed to let pass through what’s supposed to get in, and to block what shouldn’t. Smaller cells mean less of a barrier, less blockage. What are the practical implications of this?

Water is lost from the face more quickly than from elsewhere on your body. One consideration is that you need to take more care of your facial skin than the skin elsewhere on your body. Your face needs to be moisturized regularly.

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Facial skin is very rich in pores. This means that your eating habits will be imprinted on your face. Toxins getting released in the forms of pimples, acne, blackheads and other blemishes are more likely to appear on the face than anywhere else.

Contained in the skin of our face, as well as that of the scalp, are numerous microscopic glands, called sebaceous glands. They secrete an oily, waxy matter called sebum to lubricate our skin and hair. You’ll find these glands in the skin all over the whole body, except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. But nowhere are they so abundant as on our face and scalp. One reason that facial exercises works as a remedy for dry skin for many people seems to be the stimulation of these glands as a result of doing facial exercises.

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Yes, facial skin is different from that of the rest of the body, but it is still skin and therefore it acts like skin. Massaging facial skin, either with knuckle massage or facial exercises has a beneficial effect, optimizing its functions.

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There’s a world of difference between well cared for skin and neglected skin. Neglected skin exhibits pigmentation, fine lines and outbreaks. Degradation of collagen leads to folds and wrinkles. Incorporate good skin care practices, such as outlined in my article Perfect Skin in 5 Steps and your most beautiful you will emerge!