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Facial Exercises: How Soon Will I See Results?

You know that old saying. A Watched Pot Never Boils … Facial exercises do work, but I need to warn you not to watch too closely. Many women have, with a zealous and discerning eye, looked so closely at their faces once they began my Rawsome Flex program, that they start to see things that they had never noticed before.

Don't Look Too Carefully

You started doing facial exercises. Chances are, you’ll want to see exactly what’s happening, day to day. But things won’t happen fast enough, if you’re impatient. When you start to scan every aspect of your features under a magnifying glass they become ...  well ... magnified!

Even worse, over-scrutinizing might actually convince you you’re moving backwards. Why? Because you’ll get too familiar with the terrain. You’ll start to notice a flaw here, a discoloration there, maybe a line you hadn’t seen the day before. Meanwhile, since you’re just a few sessions in, you’re understandably not seeing drastic progress yet.

I was guilty of this myself, at first. I was going over features and details like a laboratory scientist—details I hadn’t paid any attention to before, so hadn’t really noticed.

One thing to remember: facial exercises cannot harm you. People who do them always look better than the ones who don’t. So, relax and wait till others start to comment on your improved looks.


For healing and improved circulation.

Patience is Key

We’re all about instant gratification. Real health, however, is slower. And with natural beauty, just as with achieving natural health, things might get worse before they get better, because you might be dislodging some toxins in the process. Sadly, these temporary (and usually rather minor) effects are often misused by opponents of raw food lifestyles, just as they are by cosmetic surgeons advising against facial exercises.

It Will Happen!

Facial exercises will tighten your muscles, will tone your cheekbones area and will brighten and firm the area around your eyes! But the process, you need to know, will take some time; weeks, in some cases months.

Progress with anything substantial, whether raw foods, skin care or facial exercises, is rarely linear. Nothing very valuable in life improves steadily upward, like ascending a staircase, or like a straight-line graph, from day one.

Progress is Inevitable

Reasonable scrutiny will reveal the steps and bumps in your personal progress graph. But overscrutinizing will bend your mind and unjustly disappoint. Relax. Progress is inevitable—if you follow the program faithfully. Focus on the long-term cumulative effects of a proper raw food diet, a good skin care regimen, and daily facial exercises and you can’t go wrong.

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