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Raw Foods: Going Raw All Alone

In 2019 we celebrate 40 years of marriage, and it has been more than 20 years since I began my raw food journey. It can be done!

On raw foods when you are enjoying the benefits of looking and feeling better than ever, it is tempting to invite your family and friends along for the ride, whether they want to go or not. After all, you don't want them to miss out on all the wonders that await them down the road. But the more you coax, the more they dig in their heels, call you a health nut, and order a pizza. Why won't they listen?

People generally feel guilty when indulging in junk food. At the same time during your dieting phase, you may feel self-righteous when others make the effort to avoid it. Before you know it, you go from a period of guilt to feelings of moral superiority. Those who master their appetites often behave like fanatic religious converts.

With the zeal of a new convert, we begin dishing out our never solicited but always pungent opinion. This will promote a false sense of spirituality grounded in being 'good', meaning superior. Just because you've discovered the way doesn't mean that everyone should follow your path. Others must do their own exploring.

A health seeker must be in charge, not a passive recipient of support, encouragement and information. Show them the way to the information and leave them to make their own decision without any pushing and shoving from you. Understand that pain and suffering are an important part of growth. Often crisis is needed for people to change... They must live their own lives and walk their own paths.

Answer all their questions, encourage them by your own experience, but never push them onto your path. Understand that some are not ready to take the leap. Be supportive and empathize, but don't try to convince them to change-they are not ready just yet. And that is okay for them. Accept them as they are.

By never forcing our convictions on others, nor withholding encouragement, we not only live who we are, but we also give others permission to be who they are. Our beliefs weave a canvas for our life like an ancient sampler stitched to tell us the rules. To change the neat pattern of stitches is always distressing. Not everyone is willing.

As we begin to eat more raw foods, we gradually acquire a new point of view. Life assumes a fresher, deeper, and more satisfying structure. It is impossible to make the uninitiated understand the lifestyle if they have no experience to draw upon, just as it is impossible to describe colors to the blind. Do yourself a favor: Tune out the negative comments of those who have never been 100 percent raw. Health is an empty word to them.

With the vast array of  local raw food support groups and  forums on the internet these days, you are sure to find at least one that you can join and get the support and encouragement you need. You'll never have to feel all alone on your raw food journey!

In my book Raw food and Hot Yoga there is a chapter: Living Together...Going Raw Alone. Read it and learn from my mitakes and successes on how to deal with your non-raw spouse. 

Raw Food and Hot Yoga

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As the frequency level of your energy grows, people will be pulled into your orbit. They are privileged to have you in their midst. Even if they do not join in your dietary choices, they know you are special, whether or not they ever admit it. Do not be concerned that your family and friends scorn your lifestyle. By being an example, you are reminding others to eat better, to be better. They might resist, but you can be sure they are watching you!

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