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The Most Beautiful Food in the World...Makes You Beautiful

I am an artist. I create art so that people would look at it and their souls would fill with admiration. Because when a soul is filled with admiration, it is not filled with anger or boredom. It is my belief that our world would become much better if the souls of all people became filled with admiration.

To fill my own soul with admiration, I surround myself with pieces of art. For example, I don't drink from a cup. Instead, I have a hand-made creation that can be used as a cup but that is also a piece of art. My skirt looks like the ocean suspended in time. My blouse looks like a field of flowers. Everything I own inspires me and fills me with admiration.

But after some time of living surrounded by the most beautiful pieces of art, I noticed that I did not belong there! My body was almost destroyed by pain and disease--no one would call it a beautiful piece of art. I also noticed that no matter how beautiful a man-made piece of art is, nature's creations are always more beautiful. If you had to choose between man-made flowers and real flowers, which would you choose?

One day, I picked a yellow apple with a red spot on its side. It looked as if it was kissed by the sun. This got me to thinking--if surrounding myself with art brings so much joy to my soul, what would filling myself with nature's living art do? I went to a farmer's market and bought several boxes of sweet cherries, juicy peaches, crisp apples, and vibrant greens. I never knew eating could bring ecstasy! In the past, I could not imagine a day without muffins and candy. Now, they looked lifeless and dull.

I continued eating raw foods, some time passed, and I began observing amazing changes happening in my body. Because of debilitating migraines, on a daily basis I used to take several prescription medications with a huge list of side effects. They would not eliminate the pain completely, but at least I could get off my bed. Still, I would have to frequently go to the emergency room because sometimes even this drug cocktail would not do the trick. But now, the pain is gone and even if it comes back, one over the counter pill takes care of it. I know that with time and with continued consumption of raw foods, even this slight discomfort will be gone.

Suddenly, my co-workers began complimenting me on the way I looked. One day, I was making a salad in a kitchen that was shared by several offices, and a lady from a different office stopped by to get some candy from a vending machine. She glanced at my huge salad and said it looked healthy. I replied that it gives me lots of energy. She countered that when I will be her age, my energy will be gone, and a salad won’t help. Imagine the surprise of both of us when after talking some more it turned out we were almost the same age!

I also began to realize that now I was in a good mood all the time. I would start singing and dancing for no particular reason. And I began creating more art. If you would like to become healthy, pain free and to feel more alive than ever, eat the most beautiful food in the world -- nature's living art.

Milana (June, 2008)