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Helpful Raw Food Links

  • Optimum Health Institute: ---Holistic health program for healing of your mind, body and spirit.
  • Hippocrates Health Institute, they are very active, and are now offering Life Coaching, and Health Educator and Lifestyle Medicine online trainings. The site is 

  • Hallelujah Acres: - predominantly raw plant-based diet from a Christian perspective
  • Vegetarians in Paradise:   ---Variety of info pertinent to the vegan community. 
  • Living Foods Institute: --- Healing and Educational Center in Atlanta, Georgia, devoted to helping people heal from any disease, no matter how serious.
  • Rawmazing: ---Susan Powers posts recipes for amazing gourmet raw dishes with beautiful pictures.
  • 30 Bananas a Day: ---Very active online community focusing on the high carb raw vegan lifestyle.

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The Miracle of Raw Foods

Raw Food Authors, Educators, Chefs and Athletes! 

  • Karen Ranzi: ---Author, lecturer, raw food consultant and author of Super Healthy Children.
  • Rick and Karen Dina  They are both chiropractors with passion for raw food, who study raw foods on a deep level, and they are usually part of Raw Food Online Summit, either interviewing others, or being interviewed.
  • Julia and Paul Tarbath They used to follow 80-10-10 for a long time, now, at least Julia, added a touch of steamed vegetables or the like. They were raising their daughter mostly raw.
  • Amie Sue Oldfather's She is a talented raw gourmet food chef. Currently has lots of recipes with free access, but there is a small monthly membership fee if one wants access to all her recipes. She herself is not 100% raw.
  • Karen Knowler: food coach and author of Raw Food Made Simple.
  • Rhio: ---Singer and author, as well as an investigative reporter in the area of health and environmental issues. 

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UnCooked Creations


  • Raw Vegan Radio with Steve Prussack: ---Regular podcasts with an archive of the "best episodes." The archived episodes are still there, but since 2014 Steve is totally immersed in He switched his attention to juicing exclusively, including training Juice Therapists. He still interviews guest on Juice Guru Radio, but the episodes are usually juicing-related. Also he wrote a few juice-related books. 

Raw Food Products, Raw Restaurants and Natural Beauty Products 

  • Revitalive Health & Wellness: ---Raw vegan meals delivered! They also offer juices, juice cleanses, snacks for sale and delivery. There are both raw and cooked vegan food on the menu. Here's what they say: "We are both a community cafe and a meal delivery service! We are passionate about offering creative, organic, clean food to our local communities! Our delicious organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, plant-based meals, smoothies and juice cleanses are made with one simple goal. To make clean eating fun, easy and accessible!"
  • The Raw Life: ---Raw books, appliances, snacks and more!
  • Natural Zing: ---Organic and wildcrafted raw food, vegan food, and living food products.
  • High Vibe: ---This store provides a variety of raw foods, supplements and natural beauty products online and at their retail store in New York city.
  • Raw Living: ---U.K.-based supplier of raw nuts, sea vegetables and prepared raw foods and raw foods preparation equipment.

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