Benefits of Green Smoothies and Puddings

Benefits of Green Smoothies and Puddings

Consuming more greens in our daily diets is one of the vital things we can do for our health. Yet many people find it hard to consume the quantity of green leafy vegetables they need each day. Your answer is simple: green smoothies and puddings.

A green smoothie or pudding is a mixture of about 60% fruit and 40% leafy greens blended together into a delicious, nourishing beverage. The difference between a smoothie and a pudding is basically water content. You drink a smoothie, while you eat the more viscous pudding with a spoon. The fruit masks the flavor of the greens, and the greens buffer the sweetness of the fruit. A perfect combination!

Here are just a few important reasons to begin consuming green smoothies and puddings regularly… Green Smoothies and Puddings are a delicious way to eat more greens without adding salt and oil. The most common way people eat greens is in salads, which usually takes a dressing of some sort. Smoothies and puddings offer a change of pace, a different texture, and need no dressing. Preparation and cleanup are remarkably quick and easy—if you have the right equipment.

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Some people are put off by the time juicing takes them, especially in the mornings, and find the cleanup a total hassle. But you can cut your time to just minutes, making green smoothies and puddings made in a high-powered blender. Want a way to get even more benefit out of your smoothies and puddings? You can add flax seed meal to make it an even more nutritious concoction! Get your preparation and cleanup done in a matter of minutes—just blend, rinse and go. Green Smoothie and Puddings are high in easily digestible fiber. A high quality, purpose-made blender does precisely what you want…It ruptures cell walls, releasing nutrients for easy absorption, but retains fiber. For a great discussion of how this works, see Victoria Boutenko's revolutionary book Green for Life.

The importance of chlorophyll. Liquid sunshine! That’s what chlorophyll really is. A molecule of chlorophyll is strikingly similar to a molecule of human blood. Dr. Ann Wigmore likened consuming chlorophyll to getting a blood transfusion. Chlorophyll also carries a lot of oxygen. It is healing, cleansing, and effective against many harmful pathogens and fungi. Greens and wheatgrass are full of chlorophyll. Greens are alkalizing.

The high mineral content of greens makes them alkalizing to our bodies, helping keep our bodies at the proper pH. In fact, it’s not possible to maintain a proper pH balance without consuming greens. Besides their alkalizing effect, greens also are filled with amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and enzymes—all easily available to your body in the form of green smoothies or pudding. Amino Acids are abundant in greens, making them a great source of protein.

Since our bodies manufacture proteins from the amino acids we consume, just two or three cups a day of green smoothie or pudding can deliver plenty of nourishment of a sort more easily assimilated than other forms of protein. Children adore them. Usually, anyway. Mouth-watering flavors and bright colors offer kid-friendly, agreeable ways to get children eating healthier. And face it—grownups like kid-food, too! Get a big blender so you can quickly and easily make enough green smoothies or pudding for your entire family.

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