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Help for Sagging Skin

Scared of Sagging?

Ask anyone to name just one thing that makes a person look old…Most people will say it’s loose skin. But unless you’ve reached your middle 50s, you’ve not seen it yet. The drop in skin firmness between 50 and 60 is Grand-Canyon deep. That’s why those 40- or 50-something anti-aging “experts” (yours truly 10 years ago included!) аre making me smile now: Oh, how easy it was to look young at that age!

I get emails from women in their late 50s who are bewildered. What happened? They have been eating a healthy diet. They exercised. Functionally, in their bodies, they feel great. It seems a year ago they loved how they looked. But now those newly appeared wattles of loose skin have shaken their once-stable worlds.

Sagging skin also happens to younger people who have lost a lot of weight. They have to meet this nasty beast—loose skin—much earlier in life. I once stumbled onto a weight loss forum where women were pouring out their heartfelt stories how much men were turned off by their loose skin. It was heartbreaking to read them. 

Weight ups and downs are indeed the worst for making your skin flabby. Weight loss on raw foods will be the easiest on your skin. Still the earlier in life you get to your desired weight, the easier it will be for your skin to recover. But healthy eating is only part of the deal. You’ll need to attend to your skin.

Years before I turned 60, I was very observant of others older than me. I wanted to see what happens when you turn 55 and 60 and 65. I didn’t like what I saw. I had to be prepared.

It’s a well-known fact: human skin tends to sag. It develops increased roughness and wrinkling. It becomes inelastic, even downright brittle. It thins and mottles. Even atrophy begins to show, in a thinning of the epidermis (the skin’s outermost layer) and abnormal collagen and elastic fibers. All of that is what we have to go up against.

Is there, then, a way to tighten your skin without surgery, without unnatural intervention? If you’re looking for immediate results, the answer is—as you might expect—no.

Is Surgery a Solution for Saggy Skin?

Nor is surgery a plausible remedy for the problem of generalized loose skin. Why not? Because your skin is getting loose all over your body. You can’t just nip and tuck and pull your skin tight all over and tie it tight on top like a drawstring.

What, then, is the best thing for sagging skin?

Cupping massage. How do I know? Because I’ve tried everything! Nothing works better for tightening and preventing the sagging of your skin like cupping.

I’ve been using this method all over my body thrice weekly since 2012. I’ve been diligent. No excuses. Now, at age 65, I can still wear strap tops. And though I’ll not pass for some twenty-something young girl, my skin looks entirely presentable.

Cups will regularly fluff up the underlying tissues of your skin, stimulating and speeding its rejuvenation. More fresh blood will rush to your body’s thirsty, dry periphery. This means more nutrients coming to the surface, more harmful toxins leaving your skin. Result: Your skin looks rejuvenated, youthful.

Be clear, now…Cupping will take dedication. It won’t give instant results. But in four to six weeks, you will see your skin’s condition improve.


Tighten Your Facial Skin without Surgery

People ask: Will the cups stretch my skin even more? After all, we are actively pulling on it, so isn’t it “obvious” that cupping will stretch your skin? Well...It doesn’t. When it comes to my approach to skin: If it's obvious then it's obviously wrong. Cupping is just one example.

These days I use a small cup on my face every day and I use Venus Sculpting Cups on my body 3-to-4 times per week. It’s totally safe and very beneficial.

 Practice cupping massage regularly, and you’ll be comfortable in your own skin.