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I am Living Proof of the Healing and the Anti-aging Effects of the Raw Food Diet

"I was a diet nightmare! I had done EVERY diet out there... Scarsdale, Atkins, carbohydrate addicts, low fat, no fat, steroids, high protein... if it existed, I did it!! And I had "lost" several thousand pounds in the 20+ years I was obese. Somehow, I always "found" it again... plus a little extra! My biggest problem areas were refined sugar, fried and/or fast foods. All of these convert into sugars once ingested. For some 40 years, I ate a diet consisting primarily of sugar! Candy was my favorite meal! I definitely considered myself a sugar addict. And I still am! Thank GOD for raw sweets!

After I went 100% raw, I had unlimited energy, reversal of aging, and looked and felt amazingly healthy! I had never felt better in my life! ALL symptoms of my diseases had diminished or disappeared. About 6 weeks into my raw transformation, my husband, once a HARDCORE meat eater, abandoned cooked foods and joined me. He couldn't help but notice all the positive effects I was experiencing and wished to experience everything for himself. I have to say having hubby on board certainly makes it MUCH easier to stay on track with my own pursuit of health, beauty and longevity!

We still struggle with being 100% raw, 100% of the time but we are seeing even more miraculous results. My weight dropped from 250 lbs. down to a respectable 135lbs. Yes, I could have dieted that away because I’d done it before. However, one thing is different from the MANY other times I yo-yoed weight "changes". I did not have the loose skin typically associated with dramatic weight loss. Sure I still had some because I gave birth to two children and maintained a morbidly obese body for over a decade. I did notice that following a 100% raw diet seemed to restore my body’s elastin and collagen activity, actually giving me the body I had craved for so long!

On raw, I lost at LEAST a decade in my appearance along with those pounds. People are surprised enough to hear we have children as old as ours are, and the mention of grandchildren stuns the Our children now look like our siblings!! Grandkids... kids!One woman told me she though I was 25! My own mother tells me I look no different than the picture she has of me when I was 16. When I met you, Tonya, your first comment to me was how beautiful I was! Thank you! That meant the world to me!

Beyond the physical improvements I also noticed that I was getting more "in the flow" with life. Where once everything worked against me, now my life was full of what I can only describe as miracles! I am relatively stress free and at peace. Losing the addiction to the foods I used to consume regularly, I have detoxed an excess 125 lbs of emotional baggage as well. My mental clarity, eyesight, even sense of smell have all been enhanced as well as my overall well-being!

My husband and I have created a life around teaching others the raw foods lifestyle. We travel the country in "The Raw Mobile" teaching what we call "Home School", a multidimensional healing lifestyle in the comfort and security of your own home, which first and foremost includes raw foods! I now live with purpose... not just in survival mode! I have also experienced the same "high" that I once got from recreational drugs... a heightened sense of "enlightenment" and knowing.

I am visual, living proof of the healing and health benefits as well as the anti-aging effects of the raw food diet! Since going raw, I have not had to take so much as an aspirin and now refuse allopathic intervention! Dis-ease is now something others experience. I am the epitome of health and vitality! I have been incorporating the Quantum Eating principles gradually into my life style, anxiously awaiting the miracles that are yet to come!" 

Trinity (June, 2008)