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Juice Fasting

Some people will argue that only a water fast counts as a real fast. Juice fasting—fasting, that is, while consuming only fresh vegetable and fruit juice, plus water, no solid food—is a well familiar and now common method even outside the raw foods movement. It’s all about cleansing and detoxing.

Is it Safe?

Is juice fasting safe? Juice fasting isn’t for everyone. If, for example, you’re pregnant, diabetic, or suffering a serious infection, you must improve your diet first.

Beyond such medical contra-indications, however, juice fasting is for everyone—everyone, that is, who’s seeking a safe method of detox that they’ll comfortably use again and again. Because you’re taking in some calories and a good deal of flavor, a juice fast is much less extreme for newcomers than a water fast or dry fast, and feels less alien. Even first-time juice-fasters often report a fresh, clean, positive feeling after a day or two.

Why do it?

Experienced raw foodists, vegans, and vegetarians recognize the juice fast for its detoxifying, cleansing effect—one of fasting’s biggest benefits. For many just starting their journey away from the “standard” North American meat-and-potatoes diet, juice fasting for weight loss is the goal. So be it! A two- or three-day juice fast is a safe, sensible, effective kick start to a sound weight loss program.

A few juice fasting tips…

  • If you’re taking prescription medicines, no grapefruit! Some components in grapefruit (and perhaps pomegranate) interact in unfortunate ways with some drugs. For more information see the article Fruit and Drug Interactions.
  • If you experience symptoms any worse than a little headache, discontinue fasting. Try again in a few days.
  • Fresh juices only.
  • Lean more heavily on vegetables than on fruits. Your best veggie bets: Fresh green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale), beets, carrots, zucchini. If it’s a brightly colored vegetable, it’s a good bet for a juice fast. With time, you will learn to make your own great tasting juice fasting recipes.
  • Do not mix fruits and veggies, except veggies with an apple.

Follow these simple guidelines for your juice fasting plan, and you will be on your way to experiencing the many benefits of juice fasting.