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New Scalp Treatment: Tips on How to Use

With the introduction of my latest beauty product, Scalp Tonic with Cayenne Pepper and Mustard Greens Extracts, I’m bound to be asked a few questions. How does it work? Why? How should it be used?

Instructions are on the package. You can find even more in-depth information on my website. I’ve written a special page where you can learn all the basics about the new Scalp Tonic, the principles underlying its formulation and effectiveness, and the impressive array of ingredients. Good info, and easy to find. Check it out here.

To get the most satisfaction from your new healthy hair helper, I have a few tips for you to keep in mind … Simply apply a full dropper directly onto your scalp, avoiding your eyes, face and neck. Gently massage into your scalp for two minutes with your fingertips, in a gentle rotating motion. You’ll want to do this twice daily for best results. I use it every morning, and again before bed at night. But any time of the day is perfectly fine—it’s up to you. You just might enjoy using it before going to your hot yoga class to gain maximum benefit from the addition of heat.

You won’t have to worry about my Scalp Tonic soiling your pillow because it’s quickly and easily absorbed into the scalp. Here’s another boon—you do not have to wash your hair after each application. Just keep to your regular shampooing schedule. The Scalp Tonic will not make your hair greasy or leave any unsightly, greasy residue.

If you’re like me, you already have other oil-based hair treatments in the house that you bought before. Should you throw them away? No! Go ahead—use them up. You can add two to three drops of your favorite oil to my Scalp Tonic. All the other ingredients present in my Scalp Tonic will deliver them to your scalp in a very efficient manner. Be careful not to overdo it. Start with one drop and see how you like it.

Many beauty products are designed for use by only certain ethnic groups. Not mine! My Scalp Tonic is great for all hair types and textures. Whether your hair is gray or colored, dry or oily, thick and curly or thin and straight, my Scalp Tonic will work for you.

It’s safe, most importantly. The fruit acids used are not ‘juices,’ so they are not sweet in any way. Instead, they are in the form of Alpha hydroxy acids, which contribute to exfoliation. So if you are working through candida issues, you will not have to worry about contributing to the problem.

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The treatment has just enough stimulating ingredients, such as Cayenne pepper and mustard greens extracts, so you’ll not experience any discomfort or burning of the scalp. While we want the results quickly, your scalp must be stimulated, not irritated! You’ll feel a tingling for a couple of minutes, but you’ll easily get used to it and won’t feel it so much after the first time. And you’ll definitely get used to the great results! My Scalp Tonic carries a light, refreshing minty smell.

You’ll find using your scalp tonic to be quick, easy, and effective. Do be patient. Give it at least 30 to 60 days to work. Your hair must be given time to respond to the stimulating, health-enhancing properties of the formula. When you order a two-month supply of the Tonic, I am also delighted to include as a gift to you my one-of-a-kind wooden comb. Be sure to read about this delightful free gift here.

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