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Unwanted Facial Hair and Your Diet

A certain amount of facial hair for women is natural and normal. This type of hair is very fine and causes no concern. However, many women experience an excess of dark and coarse facial hair and this condition is referred to as 'hirsutism'. Can the raw food diet help?

According to research done by Bristol-Meyers, there are approximately 20 million American women who must remove facial hair at least once a week. Hirsutism has a wide variety of causes, and is not only a cosmetic concern, but the underlying issue is a hormonal imbalance. The condition can be addressed with the raw foods diet.

Throughout our lives all women produce a certain amount of male hormones known as 'androgens.' Hirsutism is really a symptom of excess androgens in the body and there can be a host of reasons for this. Some of these reasons include heredity (always the first to be blamed), obesity (fat cells actually store androgens), medications including birth control pills, prednisone, cortisone and replacement hormones, medical issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, adrenal disorders and insulin resistance, and menopause (the decline in estrogen production sometimes results in increased hair growth on the face).

You will find all manner of recommendations for dealing with hirsutism via external means such as shaving, depilatories, plucking, electrolysis, etc. but none of these methods will help with the underlying cause of why a woman's hormones are out of balance in the first place.

On the raw food diet we can cleanse and build the entire body nutritionally, and the body can then work to restore balance to all of its intricate systems. There are scores of testimonies from happy and relieved women who can attest to this.

Changing to a raw food diet can help immensely with several of the root causes of excess facial hair and hormonal imbalances. The book How to See Your Health states that there are two general categories of hair: hair growing in an upward direction, like head hair, and hair that grows in a downward direction, like mustache, beard and body hair. Upward-growing hair is encouraged by eating vegetables, while downward-growing hair is increased by excessive consumption of protein and fat.

Losing excess weight is the first place to start in regaining hormonal balance. The raw food diet is the ultimate and healthiest way to achieve this. When you shed excess fat cells, which store hormones, you also shed excess androgens.

Eating only organically grown produce is also essential. Pesticides and herbicides actually disrupt your body's hormonal balance.

Be patient. If given the right raw materials, your body will do the right thing at the right time.

Try Quantum Eating regimen. Giving a short, but complete rest, to your digestive system is a great way to regulate your hormones and move you towards an equilibrium centered on health, vitality and genuine happiness.

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