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Living Foods for Optimum Health

Have you heard of the living food diet? You can think of it as a raw living food diet. The very concept of the “living food” can be hard for meat-eaters to grasp. The fresh produce you buy at a good health foods store or supermarket isn’t dead yet. Plant metabolic processes continue after picking. That, among other things, is what ripening is about.

A simple truth: What’s dead is toxic. What’s living largely isn’t. And the fresher plant-sourced food is, the tastier it is and better for us, too. We all know the exquisite taste of a tomato plucked this afternoon from a friend’s organic backyard garden, as compared with that many days-old tomato shipped in by truck from some insecticide-sprayed field across the nation. Our garden tomato is very much still living. And though the shipped-in one hasn’t yet entirely given up the ghost, the fresh one is every bit a living food. Notice the gradually increasing number of veggies even commercial supermarkets sell which still cling to their roots or stems. Even Big Food is starting to see the light.

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The Miracle of Raw Foods

Living food…dead food. I know which I want—the kind with its vitamins, minerals, enzymes all intact and undisturbed. That means, among other things, truly organically grown food. No pesticides. None. No intrusive fertilizers. Nothing injected. Nothing taken away.

Living foods mean a very much living human body and a long, healthy life!


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UnCooked Creations

Want more reason to eat you’re a living foods diet? You may have heard of enzymes. Simply put, we need enzymes to digest any food we eat. If the food is a living fruit or vegetable, it already has all the enzymes we need to digest it. If however, it has been steamed, boiled, grilled or fried, those enzymes have “died” because enzymes cannot survive heat above 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit. What this means is that your body must manufacture the enzymes by itself to digest cooked food. This takes a toll on the body, as it diverts resources away from making your skin and hair more beautiful to the hard task of digesting all this cooked food. So to truly get the benefits, make sure your diet is truly a raw living foods diet. Check out this section of my blog for some living foods recipes. Another great way to get more life in your diet, is juicing your veggies.

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