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Raw Foods: Judy's Experience with Quantum Eating and Dry fast

I've had the sweating problem for 57 years now, have been raw for 2.5 years and doing the "quantum eating" routine (imperfectly!) only since June 1. I am feeling much better, and am confident I'm on the right track. I did find an article on the Internet (think it was by Dr. Ben Kim) relating hyperhidrosis to food allergies. He specifically mentioned dry fasting as being very calming to the nervous system and healing this type of problem. I do remain hopeful that someday I'll be completely healed.

I like your idea about not forcing myself to drink water, but not denying myself either - if I'm truly thirsty.

You may be interested to hear that I went for a gynecological checkup the other day, and heard several positive comments from folks in the office. My doctor affectionately calls me a "non-compliant patient", but obviously respects what I'm doing. He was amazed that I don't feel the need for hormones (even the naturally derived kind you rub on your skin), and that I actually feel much better without them. His nurse was interested to know more about what I'm doing, and even ASKED ME about juicing! My BP was 12/70, pulse 65 and weight down 10 pounds. She kept looking at me kinda funny - at my face.

At a party the other night, several commented that I had a "glow" and looked "skinny" (their idea of a compliment). Several expressed an interest to know more about raw foods. And I didn't even have to say a word! The change in my looks is barely discernible to me, since I see myself in the mirror daily. But since I hadn't seen this crowd in several months, they did notice a difference. I was so pleased - not only at the personal compliment, but because of their receptiveness to hear more about "healthy eating". I've known these friends for years, and care deeply about each and every one of them. Each has his own health problems, and I'd love nothing better than to play some small part in their being healed.

One more thing about my experience with dry fasting. It's helped tremendously with anxiety and has totally gotten rid of my depression.

By the way, I'm feeding my cat on the same schedule for Quantum Eating. His last meal of the day is at 2:00. He does put up with that, though he'd eat all the time if I let him. I hope to see him get a bit thinner. Also, I'm always looking for ways to maximize his health, for he was once diagnosed with two fatal diseases (FIV and feline leukemia). The vet wanted to put him to sleep, but I wouldn't let her. He's on an all-raw diet too, but he does get meat as well as veggies. He's a mellow kitty and a really good sport about all the strange stuff his mommy puts in his food.

Thanks for all you do to research this field for us, to explain what you found in layman's terms... and especially to encourage us when we're stubborn or slow to understand. You're a rare individual with a rare combination of talents. I still hope to meet you in person someday.

Judy (August, 2008)