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Quantum Eating by Tonya Zavasta

Review by Jessie Maguire of Funky Raw Magazine

"Tonya’s new edition of Quantum Eating is a detailed book. It’s a quirky, intelligent, funny, sassy, entertaining and informative read, that will make you think and inspire you a great deal. There’s nothing more lovely than curling up with this book and learning about how quantum physics is linked to your everyday life and how you think.

Quantum Eating is not for raw beginners. It is for those wishing to deepen and brighten their raw journey. It’s about how to beautify and improve your daily life and yourself even more, with fasting and other advanced techniques.

Tonya Zavasta is an expert. She’s tough and has a great sense of humour. You can lay back, and just let her inspire you and make you laugh with her humorous accounts!

I read the first edition of this book about five or so years ago maybe, and this edition did feel more comprehensive, up-to-date and as always, impeccably researched. Tonya doesn’t mess about: she’s doneall the reading, and she’s laid out what’s applicable to us raw folk in spunky, tell-it-like-it-is Tonya fashion.

So what is this book not? It is not a recipe book. It is not a quick read. It is not full of pictures, either. It’s a book for reading, if you like! And learning, and contemplating, and experimenting with new methods and perspectives.

However, Quantum Eating does have some rather lovely, simple recipes in the back, which were scrummy. Other cool stuff that you can read about in this 2nd Edition, not in order: Pythagoras, Water, Anti-aging Calorie Restriction, Natural Body Rhythms, Yoga and Raw Foods Together, Supplements, Your Destiny, Skincare, Sunbathing, the relationship between beauty and spirituality ... and of course, looooads more."

Funky Raw Magazine is a quarterly magazine published in the UK by editor Rob Hull and a long list of varied and interesting contributors. They cover all aspects of living a natural, raw food lifestyle but you don't have to be in the UK to benefit from the information. Their #28, Summer 2013 issue contains a plethora of seasonal raw recipes, healing stories, information on herbs and gardening ... plus using fermented foods for digestive health and an article about emotional eating. I was honored to know that they also reviewed the revised version of "Quantum Eating."