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Ultrasound on Face for Wrinkles

Several years ago, I wanted to add an Ion and Ultrasound Stimulator to my beauty routine. But I ultimately decided that the High Frequency Ray will be better.


Versatility. Most IUS products come with only a flat, round or oval pad, which covers a large area. This isn't so great for spot-treating problem areas, and doesn't begin to address the scalp and hair growth. 

What makes the Violet Ray different? It charges your body's battery by making cells open up more than usual, which allows them to flush out toxins more easily. Nutrients can then return to the cells and the detoxification routine increases lymph flow.


High Frequency Ray

for Clear Complexion and Full Hair

By opening up blood cells and fostering regeneration, new tissue replaces damaged and diseased cells, flushing them out of the system, along with other toxins. This “cellular massage,” instead of expanding muscles, expands individual cells. The stimulation at the cellular level by high-frequency current is why the Violet Ray treatment generates such great improvements.

This device intensifies fresh blood circulation. The extra flow of blood equalizes the circulation in crowded areas, helping heal bruised and damaged tissue. It's fantastic tool for reducing wrinkles, warts and moles, and for promoting new hair growth. While an Ion and Ultrasound Stimulator may be helpful in reducing wrinkles, I thought it fell short in treating warts and moles, and wasn't particularly useful for the scalp and promoting new hair growth. 

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