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Healthy Hair Begins with a Clean Comb

Most people bathe regularly. Most brush their teeth. But few realize the importance of cleaning brushes and combs. Show me the most fastidious, well groomed person you know, and I can assure you his brushes and combs are covered with things only a microbiologist could imagine.

Dirty hair utensils are bad for the scalp, as they can plug hair follicles and spread bacteria. You may not realize when your brushes need cleaning. The particles of dead skin encrusted in those bristles are masters at disguising themselves. Then add in a good measure of waste acids the average adult eliminates through their sweat glands daily. Yuck!

Imagine my asking you to spend a couple of minutes smearing your body with dead skin cells, waste acids, and bacteria. You’d recoil at the thought. Yet isn’t that what you’re doing every time you use a comb or brush that hasn’t been properly cleaned?

Peach Wood Comb

For shiny, strong hair.

Start by washing your brushes and combs regularly in plain soap and luke-warm (not hot) water. Dry them in sunlight to avoid mildew. Go for natural bristles in your brushes—not plastic. Why does that matter? Because the static plastic tends to attract all manner of particles, and retain greasy, sticky, toxic stuff you don’t want!

There is nothing better for your scalp and hair than natural wood bristles. Our well-made peach wood comb can be your perfect choice! The catch: It's a 100% natural product, made from peach wood. So it doesn't like water. However, you can soak your comb in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, brush it clean with an old toothbrush, then dry it. At some point you'll need to acquire a new comb and discard the old. Your Peach Wood comb is 100% biodegradable. As to the new one ... 

Our peach wood comb—a $7.00 value—is yours FREE with two Scalp Tonic bottles.

Scalp Tonic

For hair stimulation.

For thick, healthy hair growth its important that you deliver good circulation and nutrients to your scalp. Our Scalp Tonic with Cayenne Pepper and Mustard Greens Extracts is just the ticket.

2013 Update: Our popular Scalp Tonic is now in its third formulation with the added ingredients of includes Apple Stem Cell extract, Rooibos, Olive Leaf Extract and Ginseng! And if you buy two bottles of the Scalp Tonic, you’ll receive a free specialty  peach wood hair comb .

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High Frequency Violet Ray

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