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I'm sober from drug and alcohol for almost 5 years

Hi Tonya,
I'm writing to you because you have been an inspiration to me. I've read almost all of your books, watched all of your YouTube videos, read probably all of your blogs and also use almost all of your products.

I love and am grateful for all the wisdom you have shared about raw foods, and your personal experiences. They have helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. I'm sober from drug and alcohol for almost 5 years, and have practiced raw food lifestyles and various forms of fasting for 4 of them. I struggle a lot with maintaining a raw food diet but it is nice to have the pieces I do have of it in my life. That includes you, through your books, blogs, products and thoughts. You have an energy that shines through me like the sun.

I don't think I could have progressed as much in my health, both physically, mentally and emotionally without your support and wisdom. I'm so grateful where I am today, even though sometimes it's not exactly where I want to be (100% raw) but I can still picture that in my mind, and by knowing you, I feel a peace that it is possible. Thank you for all that you do.

D. (June, 2017)