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Raw Foods: I Love Who I Have Become

Just two Decembers ago, I was the 13 years old girl who sat in the back of the classroom. I never talked to anybody and nobody ever talked to me. I was the girl who read all day and cried all night just waiting, wishing, and dreaming that her life and her pain would be taken from her. No one knew how I felt, and no one cared, except for one man and that was Jesus Christ. His Hand guided me to the Kent Hovind Creation Science Evangelism Ministry.

Hovind’s ministry includes a powerful message that reinforces a belief in a natural path to health using Genesis 1:29 as a guide. He talked about Tonya Zavasta whose book, Your Right to be Beautiful, presents the raw food diet as a way to achieve natural health and beauty. I thought nothing of it at the time. Later, in a moment of desperation over my low self-esteem, I remembered her name. I checked out her website and her book. I loved her attitude and decided to try the raw food lifestyle for myself.

December 23, 2006, I quit eating the standard American diet of chicken, beef, fries, and shakes ‘cold turkey’. That day when I gave raw food a chance was the turning point of my life. Just two days before Christmas, a 13 year old, 177 pound me transformed my life forever. In just over four months, I lost 58 pounds. I stopped crying from depression and started crying for joy. Now I am glad to know that thanks to the raw foods that my body was designed for, I am not who I was.

Just as Tonya dreamed of walking, I always dreamed of starting high school as the girl I wanted to be. The girl who was not be “too fat” or “too ugly”. Thanks to Jesus Christ for leading me to Kent Hovind and Tonya Zavasta. With their help and guidance, I entered high school loving who I am instead of hating myself. Now I am eating the way I was meant to eat instead of whatever tempted me. I have more friends than that 13 year old loner could have counted on all her fingers and toes. Thanks to raw foods, I’m not who I was.

Thank You Tonya! God Bless You! The only reason I’m alive today is because of you. With your help, I overcame not only obesity, but also depression and self-hatred that no one could imagine. You have my undying gratitude. 

K. (May, 2008)