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10 Things You Must Do in Your 30s and 40s to Ensure Beauty in Your 50s and 60s

You haven’t seen aging till you reach your mid-50s. Daily, I get desperate emails from women (and some men) in that age group who’ve suddenly noticed they’ve aged practically overnight.

Often, this happens in the wake of some illness or some other big stressor. Of course, it was not sudden. The body was building up to this change and the stressful event only made it more apparent.

What upsets my correspondents the most is that they have been GOOD: They didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink. Didn’t party all night. They didn’t overeat. They were counting fat grams and calories. They were buying organic food. And they exercised. 

A couple of typical comments…

  • “I used to have bright, smooth skin…I woke up one morning to skin that’s flaccid, pale, wrinkled. I don’t understand!”
  • “People used to guess my age at least 10 years younger than I am. Now, people guess my age right on. What happened?”

If you don’t smoke or drink, watch your portions, tuck in a moderate amount of exercise, this “healthy” lifestyle can carry you through your 30s and 40s just fine. Certainly you’ll look vastly better than those of your contemporaries who have been abusing their bodies.

But wait till you’re over 50…It will become apparent to you that your “healthy” lifestyle wasn’t good enough.

Do you really want to be healthy, youthful and look attractive, in your 50s and beyond? If so, then you’ve got to do more. More and different from what healthy, conventionally, means. The time to start: 30s…early 40s. And in any case: now.

Ten “must” steps…

  1. Include raw foods in your diet as much as you possible. Around age 50, we start losing our looks, our attractiveness. Due physical and chemical changes in our bodies, we take on a certain resemblance to the opposite sex. Men’s features become more feminine, women’s more masculine and we lose my “girlishness.” In women, menopause exacerbates the situation. It all gets more dramatic as we move into our 60s and 70s. My belief: One primary cause of the opposite sex resemblance is eating cooked foods—meat and dairy, especially. In my experience, eating plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in their unporcessed form is the only way to prevent this from happening. More information in this video: Menopause and Raw Foods Diet 

  2. Need to lose weight? Do it now—preferably in your 30s. At that age, our skin is still supple, can still tighten. We can still lose weight without being left with sagging skin. Now that your children are older, you’re no longer making so many big meals. This is the perfect time for dietary and lifestyle changes, substituting raw foods for some of our typical meal choices. Once we reach our 40s, things start changing. Our skin is less elastic, and will be sag due to weight loss. Any weight loss after 40 has to be gradual.

  3. Start juicing daily. Vegetables, not fruits. Incorporate a fasting routine into your lifestyle. Once a week, fast for 36 hours. The benefits are priceless. More information in this article.

  4. Move away from eating later in the day, downing your last calories several hours before bed. This will also help reduce the “middle age spread” that tends to start around this age. I’m been following my Quantum Eating plan since 2006 and I can say: It’s the best plan for impressive anti-aging results.

Quantum Eating

The Ultimate Elixir of Youth!

 5. Daily exercise is a must. I advise both daily stretching—yoga, for example—plus a weight-bearing exercises—Pilates, perhaps—at least three or four times a week, to replace lost fat with muscle. Your 30s is also the time to begin a serious beauty routine, including a daily facial masque. More information in Guide to an Ageless Face.

 6. Highly recommended in your late 30s: daily facial exercises. By your 40s, this is a must! It’s far easier to prevent aging facial distortions than reverse them.

Rawsome Flex

The raw food lifestyle and facial exercises.

7. Wear a hat or cap everywhere you go—make it a habit. This both lowers your facial exposure to the sun and reduces squinting, which will help ward off wrinkles later on.

8. Learn to be expressive with your eyes instead of with your face. Facial expressions cause wrinkles to form and deepen.

9. At night, apply WrinkAlign Liner on your forehead. Apply Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye Patches under your eyes.


The facial liner for a wrinkle-free face.

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Visibly smooth out existing wrinkles and creases under your eyes

10. Sleep only on your back—no more side- or stomach-sleeping, which causes more facial wrinkles, especially under the eyes, and can create deep wrinkles between the breasts. More information: What it the Best Way to Sleep?