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All Natural Healing

Take any familiar situation that calls for a remedy … a rash on your neck … poison ivy … the sniffles … a cold sore … headache … you’re not sleeping well. So you try a home remedy. Then what? What else can you do to help that remedy work? Or, in some cases, to help that issue recur less often, less seriously, or end altogether? 

Daily Juicing

One great answer … Help your body recover by giving it the juices of fresh fruits and vegetables, every day. Don’t stop juicing the minute your symptoms seem to disappear. Real recuperation takes time. Keep feeding your body well for a while. This will assure that your condition is much less likely to return. Learn more about Juicing in this blog article

Got a cold? Not only will juicing help you recover faster from the cold you’re enduring now, but keep juicing regularly and you’ll suffer fewer of them altogether. Maybe even stop having them—period. That vitamin C connection is real, and there’s no better way to stock up on C and other vitamins that help you fight off disease and discomfort than by consuming real fruit and vegetable juices.

Caloric Restriction 

Remember mom’s chicken soup—the legendary cure-all for every illness around the house? Mostly, it was comfort food—a morale booster. But what has been scientifically proven time and again to really work—is simply eating less. Smaller portions and lighter fare mean a body that’s able to dedicate less energy to digestion and more to the numerous healing processes that need to go on.

Quantum Eating

The Ultimate Elixir of Youth!

Eating less generally—not just when you’re sick—would be a great idea, virtually everyone agrees, for the overwhelming majority of us in western cultures. Since we all, practically speaking, should be consuming less (as well as better) food, why not start now? Yes, I do mean” even when you’re feeling sick. The middle of a cold is actually a perfect time to start that new, more sensible diet regimen. You’ll feel better faster, and the day you stop feeling under the weather, you’ll know you’ve taken a step toward your lasting health. Learn more about Tonya's calorie restriction program called Quantum Eating here...  

Why Are Home Remedies Not Enough?

Remedies are useful. For now. They’re quick fixes, precisely because they’re quick. But they’re not lasting. 

Take acne, for example. No simple home remedy, and nothing you buy in a tube or a jar is a real, lasting answer. The best you can buy at the drugstore is cover-up and clean-up. Lasting help comes from the inside, from giving your body what it needs to nourish and heal. It’s partly a matter of what you don’t eat—your mom and your high school health teacher were right when they told you to quit chowing down on those French fries and onion rings. But it’s partly, too, about what you do consume. A diet with a high proportion of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables—preferably organically grown—will work wonders for your face in just weeks. Now there’s a home remedy!

Remedies in endless varieties have been talked about and practiced for centuries, and they keep flowing in from the lore of other cultures. Plenty of popular remedies do work—if you know them and if you use them correctly. 

100 Days to 100% Raw

A Step By Step Guide

One Big Remedy?

But here’s food for thought … What if there were one BIG remedy? A remedy that would render most or all of the others moot? Would make you, perhaps, never need a popular sickness-remedy again? What if you never had to take baking soda for heartburn … or apple cider vinegar for a sore throat … or peppermint tea for gas and bloating? 

There actually is such a remedy. You know already that it won’t be coming from any snake-oil salesman’s bottle. But it does exist. It’s easy to find. Straightforward to use. Cheaper than anyone’s prescription plan. It does take some effort, this big, capital-R Remedy. An open mind. A will to change. And it’s way more than worth the effort.

It’s called the raw food diet. Or, by some, the “living foods” plan. 

Only a few thousand people practice this lifestyle all-out. But the number grows relentlessly. What’s more, untold millions are, by the inch and by the yard, increasingly approximating this lifestyle, coming ever nearer to remarkably healthy, all-raw lifestyles. Vegans, vegetarians are all moving nearer. Even those who still consume “normal” diets but gradually replace meat and dairy products with more fruits and vegetables are part of this great, aggregating movement.

Beautiful on Raw

UnCooked Creations

Go Raw! 

Join—even just try—some of the core ideas, and you’ll begin feeling and showing the difference. The closer you come—vegetarian, vegan, then transitioning to raw—the sooner and the more richly you’ll feel the difference. You’ll be taking care of the root of the problem, not just its symptoms. No need for peppermint tea if you don’t have gas or bloating in the first place. No need for baking soda if you simply don’t get heartburn anymore. 

Changing your diet can be the single most effective thing you can do for your health, now and forever. Raw foods, natural and unprocessed, retain all their nutrients and benefits, giving your body exactly what it needs for superior health.   

The perfect cure for a hangover is: Don’t drink. No after-the-fact remedy required. Likewise, when you abstain from cooked and processed foods, you no longer need to battle the conditions those foods bring on. Read more in my blog article Raw Foods and Eastern Medicine.

Our bodies are incomprehensible works of art; if given the proper tools, they can keep us healthy and young without the need to reach for a headache remedy or a sleeping pill. Visit my testimonials page to learn about others’ experiences with the healing power of raw foods.