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Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Many natural supplements are reported to reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms, specifically hot flashes and night sweats. Here are a few of the most common…

Maca Root

This cruciferous vegetable has been used medicinally since ancient times. It helps bring hormones into balance and control hot flashes, energy levels, and feelings of depression. Due to its effect on hormone production, the severity of hot flashes and night sweats is reduced.

Black Cohosh

Studies have shown some women find black cohosh extremely effective in relieving menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and sleep disturbances. Though it doesn’t work overnight, many women, after consuming the herb for three to four weeks, report a significant reduction in hot flashes and night sweats.

Wild Yam

It’s been reported that wild yam, which contains diosgenin, may aid in balancing hormone levels in the body through ovary stimulation. This leads to a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. No significant clinical studies have been done on the wild yam’s effectiveness, but many women swear by it.


Fenugreek also contains diosgenin as well as other components, and is known to increase the libido and decrease hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings associated with menopause. Side effects: Fenugreek is considered to be generally safe unless an individual is allergic. Allergy symptoms could include swelling, numbness, and wheezing.


Sage has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient Egyptian times. It is well documented that sage leaf helps alleviate hot flashes and night sweats during menopause, reducing both their intensity and their frequency. It has a calming effect, as well.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Many consider apple cider vinegar the number one natural remedy for hot flashes. They find that downing 2 tablespoons of ACV a day is enough to eliminate them. Others report that 2 tablespoons twice a day is needed. Because of the pungent nature of the vinegar, most women find that combining it with a few ounces of warm water and a teaspoon of honey helps ease things. Over time, the amount needed to keep the symptoms at bay may increase or decrease, so alter your dosage accordingly.

Side effects: There are many side effects to take into consideration when using ACV for your hot flashes and night sweats. ACV’s acidity can cause throat irritation and erode tooth enamel. This is less likely when diluting the ACV before consumption. It can also lower blood sugar levels, which could have an impact on those with uncontrolled blood sugar. Those who are taking insulin or diuretics should exercise caution as well, due to the possibility of lowering potassium levels caused by ACV.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is rich in compounds like inulin, mucilage, and fatty acids, which help with digestive health and menopause relief. Side effects include possible increase or reduction of blood sugar levels. It can also cause electrolyte imbalances. Those allergic to ragweed can have any of several allergic reactions to this root.


Flaxseed will not only alleviate hot flashes and night sweats, but outright eliminate them in some women. It has estrogen-like effects and can also assist with mood swings associated with menopause and provide overall health benefits.

Any of these supplements, in large doses, might have other, unpredictable side effects. I must confess I’m not, overall, in favor of taking supplements. I’ve heard some women report they start getting lightheaded or feeling heart palpitations. Others say their hot flashes are gone, but they retain more water than usual.

My recommendation—quite predictable to those who know me well: Eliminate processed foods, eat raw foods as much as possible, and juice daily, It’s a much surer way to go. 

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