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Swine Flu Vaccines

On one hand you have the mainstream media trying to scare the wits out of you, envisioning pandemics and hailing the saving graces of swine flu vaccine. On the other, you have conspiracy theorists exposing hidden government agendas and the dangers of the horrendous toxic brew they are bent on forcing us to ingest. Somewhere in the middle lies a happy medium. 

Swine flu, or H1N1, is yet another spotlighted health hazard which has gained worldwide attention. The vaccine against it is being hailed as the answer to the problem. Is it? A vaccination is the administration of antibody-generating material to produce immunity to a disease. Vaccinations come with their own set of risks and side effects, not to mention the fact that they can contain highly toxic preservatives such as methyl mercury and formaldehyde.

Vaccines also contain what are known as “adjuvants.” These are agents which stimulate the immune system and increase vaccine effectiveness. Some common adjuvants include aluminum salts and ammonium phosphate. People have experienced serious reactions vaccines as a result of these adjuvants, some with lasting neurological damage.

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One can’t help but wonder: Might these unfortunates have been better off simply taking their chances. Contracting the flu itself and making a full recovery seems the lesser of two evils when looking at the dangers inherent in vaccinations. There have been thousands of people who have done just that. People who have been on the raw foods diet for some time usually have strong immune systems. A clean colon and a strong immune system are the best armor against germs, plagues, and epidemics. Pathogens can not usually take hold in a clean celled body which is capable of fighting them off from the beginning.

What else can you do to build a strong immune system? Take yoga classes to strengthen and build your body’s reserves. Adequate sunlight is also essential for building a strong immune system because sunlight is necessary to produce the powerful immune enhancing Vitamin D.

Avoiding sugar is always a good idea because sugar impairs immune function. Although most people following the raw food diet don't consume much in the way of refined sweeteners, it would be wise to keep an eye on concentrated sweeteners such as honey, agave and dried fruits and limit or simply avoid their consumption. Another bonus, your dental health will be much improved by avoiding sugars.

Congress, I recently read, has set aside some $10 billion for research, education and prevention of H1N1. How much of that huge sum of money will be allocated towards promoting proper diet, cleansing, and healthy immune systems in lieu of vaccines? My guess: zilch. The flu, mild or severe, bird flu or pig flu, is just that: the flu. Closer scrutiny will reveal that no one following a raw food diet or otherwise with a healthy immune system has died. The few sad and unfortunate cases involving people who did not recover were more often than not patients with pre-existing medical issues.

In my third book, Quantum Eating, I went a step further to explain how not only is an optimal diet desirable and attainable, but your thinking plays a powerful part in your experience. Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology has shown again and again that your thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs can directly affect many bodily systems—especially your immune system.

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In summary, we should all be more aware of the facts than the hype. A healthy body and immune system are much more effective and desirable than questionable and dangerous vaccines, and are completely attainable with a raw food diet and sensible lifestyle practices. A healthy state of mind, free from fear and the influence of profit driven scare tactics can actually be one of your best weapons, and can have a tremendous impact on your immune system as well.